Video Games That Can Boost the Memories of Teenagers


Meta Title: Video Games and Their Memory-Boosting Capabilities

Meta Description: Video games are popular not only for the fun they offer to kids alone but also because of how much some games contribute to good memory health over a period.

Not everyone views video games as a positive factor in everyday life. “memory boosts” and “video games” are not common themes for everyday people. Many people believe that playing video games is the stuff of teenagers and that they will outgrow it, but the truth is that video games can be as useful as they are entertaining. Video games can help older people, not just teenagers, stimulate cognitive functions such as memory.

While excessive gaming can have adverse effects, it can also be enriching when played with purpose and in healthy “amounts.” Studies have shown that playing certain video games helps improve memory skills in different people. This article will examine video games and highlight how they help with memory.

Video Games to Help Your Teenager with Their Memory Skills

Although there are numerous video games to choose from, here are some video games that can help your teenager with their memory skills aside from what you find when you click here:

Assassins Creed

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of the world’s most successful franchises since at least three different video game releases have come at least once every three years. Many people have lauded the creators of the games since the turn of the millennium for solid storylines, awesome plots, and intuitive gameplay. However, these games promise much more than all these.

Many of the releases, such as Black Flag, Rogue, and AC III, feature in-game games that challenge a teenager’s reasoning and memory skills. For instance, each game has a game map. As players progress, they recognize the dangerous and safe parts of the map and tend to avoid the former. Also, some of the releases feature puzzles that challenge players’ skills. Players have to unlock servers and figure out how ancient stones come together to unlock chests.

Credit to the game developers for thinking in this direction because that is a unique selling point that makes it different from other games and makes it a great pick for teenagers.

Portal 2

Known for its engaging narrative and innovative gameplay, this critically acclaimed puzzle game is perfect for teenagers and anyone who seeks to improve their memorization skills in a fun way. Players must find their way through mazes and levels using a handheld device to create portals through walls. This requires logical thinking and keeping tabs on what lies behind certain walls from different angles.


It is rumored that some schools use Portal 2 to improve students’ spatial reasoning and physical object skills. Portal 2 surely cultivates memory skills and ies strategic thinking while also building other cognitive skills that support memory in teenagers.

The Witness

Developed by Thekla Inc., the Witness is an adventure game that allows the player to explore a visually stunning island with existing structures that are natural; structures are intricate puzzles players must solve before progressing to more complex structures.

Players have to rely on previously seen skills to recall previously seen symbols, clues, and patterns. In deciphering these puzzles and codes, players have to perform numerous cognitive functions, thereby increasing spatial memory capacity and enlarging brain connections that are responsible for memory retrieval and encoding.


The best-selling game ever, Minecraft is one of the biggest open-world games. It allows players to build just about anything by interacting with the environment. Exploration in a virtual world is the main goal. Still, Minecraft goes one step further by encouraging players to memorize crafting recipes and find their way through repeated challenges.

Apart from going through pre-defined structures, you can also build your own and improve your creative side as provided throughout the game. All of these come together to create effective cognitive fun and improve you in numerous cognitive aspects.

Brain Age

The Brain Age game series, developed and released under the Nintendo brand, simultaneously consists of several cognitive functions. Players can access all of it at once, provided they understand the different steps of the game. Players get to improve functions such as processing speed, concentration, and memory.


Engaging, completing daily tasks, and tracking their programs can measure how far they have come. It is a gamified approach to improving cognitive functions by completing levels and unlocking new words. This approach makes it an attractive prospect for anyone looking for a smart game to play around with and improve on.


It is important to inform parents and children of the benefits of playing certain games, as they can be very helpful in a teenager’s cognitive growth. Not everyone finds school fun, and thoughtfully selecting and engaging your kid in the right video games could help them unlock the best version of themselves—right from their insides to their actions outside. The best version of your kid is inside them; you only need to unlock it.