About Us

Bianca Johnson is a passionate marketer, entrepreneur, and the founder of the popular website “Conversations with Bianca,” a thriving mom blog that has become a go-to resource for parents seeking advice, inspiration, and community.

With a keen understanding of the power of digital marketing, Bianca embarked on her journey as an online entrepreneur, combining her marketing expertise with her experience as a mother. She recognized the need for a platform where parents could connect, share their stories, and find valuable information on various aspects of parenting.

Jennie Powell is a remarkable individual who seamlessly balances her roles as an administrative assistant and an author. Her passion for writing and her dedication to her work as an administrative assistant have made her a formidable force in both spheres of her life. Additionally, Jennie’s influential presence extends beyond her professional roles, as she actively contributes to the popular blog “Conversations with Bianca,” a website that focuses on the experiences and stories of mothers.

As an administrative assistant, Jennie’s meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills have earned her a reputation for efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it’s managing schedules, coordinating meetings, or handling important documents, Jennie’s ability to multitask and prioritize enables her to excel in her role. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the administrative functions of her workplace run smoothly, making her an invaluable asset to her team.