The Parties Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Truck Accident in Houston

Truck accidents are very common in Texas due to the many oil fields. High-profile cities like Houston, with their high population density, are also prone to truck accidents.

Truck accidents are known to have the most serious consequences of all vehicle-related accidents. Usually, every party involved experiences severe injuries and financial damages.

Some of the common types of Houston truck collisions include:

  • Rollover accidents
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Wide turn accidents
  • Blind spot accidents
  • T-bone accidents

After an accident, the victim of a Houston truck collision has the right to sue the at-fault party for their injury or losses.

Who Can You Sue?

As a victim of a truck collision, here are some of the parties that you can take to court to obtain compensation:

The Truck Driver

The truck driver is typically first in line on the list of possible liable parties. Truck drivers are usually the big boys of the road, but even the toughest drivers can lose their grip at some point.

Lack of sleep is one of the causative factors for this. Studies show that drowsy driving is a big problem for truckers, leading to more accidents. Inadequate training can also contribute to their ability to navigate the road safely.

Truckers who do not stick to speed limits, follow traffic signals, and play by the rules can be sued.

Then there’s the pressure of tight deadlines. Some truckers might violate hours of service rules¬†to meet tight delivery schedules.

This kind of reckless driving can lead to accidents, and victims can go after the trucker for their injuries.

The Trucking Company

A trucking company is responsible for hiring top-notch candidates to handle the trucks they put on the road. Accidents are more likely to happen if they cut corners on training or hire inexperienced drivers.

So, when things go south, it’s not just the driver but the company that might be held responsible for a lack of proper training.


Furthermore, distracted driving is a growing concern, and trucking companies must address it head-on.

If the company doesn’t enforce rules against distracted driving, it could be liable for accidents caused by its drivers’ lack of attention.

Repair or Maintenance Providers

Beyond the driver and the trucking company, there’s another key player: the repair or maintenance provider responsible for keeping the trucks roadworthy.

A recent service provider may be held responsible if their negligence or oversight contributed to a truck accident.

Let’s say brake failure was the primary reason for the accident. They can be sued for liability once it is established that they overlooked this brake issue in its infant stage.

The Loading and Shipping Company

The loading and shipping company can be held responsible if their actions or negligence contribute to a truck accident. They have the civic duty of not just loading cargo on a truck but doing so in a way that ensures safety on Houston’s busy highways.

If the loaders fail to secure or balance the cargo correctly, it could be hazardous.

When the cargo shifts while the vehicle is in transit, it will affect its stability. The result can be disastrous for all the road users nearby, especially if this cargo is unusually heavy.


Furthermore, trucks have specific weight limits to maintain balance and prevent issues like jackknifing. It poses a serious risk if the loading and shipping company exceeds these limits or improperly distributes the weight.

Wrapping Up

More than one person is responsible for ensuring that a truck in motion does not threaten other road users, so if you’ve been a victim of an unfortunate highway incident, there’s more than one person you can hold accountable.

Contact your lawyer; they’ll help you channel your claims to the right office.