Parenting Leader Evaluation 2023

As a parent, raising and taking care of a child can be exhausting, and there may be moments when fatigue leads to shouting, potentially straining the parent-child relationship. In a survey, two out of every three parents confessed they not only felt terrible whenever they had to raise their voice forcefully at their kids, but it also put a strain on their relationship and how their kids perceived them.

Programs like Parenting Leader¬†exist to promote effective and nurturing parenting because the family’s condition significantly influences a child’s development and our society’s evolution.

What is a Parenting Leader?

Parenting Leader is a no-yelling challenge program that helps parents achieve healthier relationships with their children by emphasizing understanding, trust, active listening, and the building of strong connections.

This article aims to explain what the program is and give its pros and cons to help you form an opinion on whether it is a good fit for you.

What is the No-Yelling Parenting Challenge?

The no-yelling challenge is a 28-day program that helps you transition from being the angry parent who has to yell, threaten, and punish your kids to becoming a loving and supportive parent with better communication skills and a knack for creating warm and calm environments to foster almost perfect relationships with your children.

Rather than having to feel drained and remorseful, questioning your abilities every time, this program gives you alternative tips and tricks to get better results and feel good while at it. The program includes:

  • Daily lessons with non-yelling tools;
  • Tips and tricks for navigating tricky situations;
  • Expert advice;
  • Practical examples for different age groups;
  • Parenting diary.

The 28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge Program

Curious about what areas are explored? Here are some things you can expect to be taught in this program:

  • DAY 1.

Promoting Composure

This focuses on teaching you how to identify what triggers you, examine it, and keep your calm when it arises.

  • DAY 4.

Become Stress-Resistant

Learn how to deal with the stress of life and not channel it to your children. This is one of the leading causes of a strained family life.

  • DAY 10.

Stop Temper Tantrums Instantly

Be enlightened on how to get your children to do what they would not want to do without meeting resistance or breeding resentment.

  • DAY 13.

Turn Your Kid’s attention Away from the Video Games

Learn how to turn your kid’s attention away from screens to healthier ways of spending their time without arguments.

  • DAY 20.

Get Your Kids to Bed in 5 Minutes

End all bedtime resistance and get your kids to bed with just one simple trick.

  • DAY 24.

Teach Your Children to Work Together

Build team spirit and cooperation among your children instead of animosity and conflict.

  • DAY 27.

The Peaceful Family

Learn to create a happy and loving environment for your kids to give them a happy and healthy childhood.

How Could This Change My Parenting?

By accepting this challenge, you will be able to:

  • Get to build a loving relationship with your kids that will lead to them becoming more receptive to you instead of resisting you all the time.
  • Learn a new, funny, but respectful method of parenting.
  • End the seemingly endless screaming matches through non-yelling tools.
  • Set a better example for your kids and be a model parent.
  • Build better relationships where your kids can begin to see you as someone to trust and confide in.
  • Stop being the “angry parent” and become one that your kids can come to with their issues without fear of backlash.


Parenting Leader’s no-yelling challenge is a valuable tool for improving family life. Research shows that although results may vary in speed, there is a consistent positive change in family relationships. If you aim to create a warmer and healthier atmosphere for your children to thrive, this challenge is an excellent starting point.


  1. What if I don’t have enough time for the challenge right now?

Although the daily tasks are structured into small bits and can be performed in under 5 minutes, you can always come back to them even after a month or whatever time is more convenient for you.

  1. Is my kid too old or young for this challenge?

The lessons have been curated to fit children of all age groups. They make accommodations for them by including age group-based examples for each step, so you don’t have to worry.

  1. Will I need to buy any other tools or resources to complete this?

No, access to the challenge gives you everything you’ll need on your phone; no additional resource is required.

  1. Will this work for my child with ADHD/ASD/any other disorder?

Yes. Parenting leadership was developed and based on experiences with a large number of children, including kids with special needs. The lessons have been used and proven effective by parents from a huge variety of backgrounds and with different needs.

  1. How will I receive the information?

Everything will be sent to your phone daily. The challenge has 28 bite-sized lessons and every day you receive a new part of them which is yours to keep for life.

  1. What if I don’t notice any changes after 28 days?

It is recommended that you go back to review the lessons and try again. Experiences may be different for each lesson; some require more tries than others. However, if you still find it ineffective, the Parenting Leader guarantees you your money back.