One Month With Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device: A Comprehensive Evaluation

Unwanted body hair can be a constant hassle, leading many individuals to seek long-term hair removal solutions. Traditional methods like shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams offer temporary results but come with potential drawbacks like skin irritation and frequent upkeep. In recent years, at-home hair removal devices have gained popularity, promising a more convenient and effective alternative. One such device is Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device, which claims to offer professional-level results in the comfort of your own home. In this hair removal blog article from Ulike, we will review the Kenzzi Hair Removal Device based on one month of usage.

Introduction to Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device

Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device is an FDA-approved IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device designed to target hair follicles and reduce hair growth over time. IPL technology works by emitting intense pulses of light that are absorbed by the melanin in hair, converting it into heat and disabling the hair follicle’s ability to grow new hair. This process is known as selective photothermolysis and has been used in professional settings for hair removal for many years.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the Kenzzi Hair Removal Device, the unboxing experience is straightforward and includes the main device, an adapter, a user manual, and a pair of protective glasses to shield the eyes from the bright light during treatment.

The device itself is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy handling. It features a built-in skin tone sensor to ensure that it is safe and suitable for the user’s skin type, and it comes with five adjustable energy levels to cater to various skin sensitivities and hair colors.

How to Use Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device

Using the Kenzzi Hair Removal Device is relatively simple. After shaving the target area to remove surface hair, users are required to clean and dry their skin thoroughly before beginning the treatment. The device should then be plugged into a power source and turned on, after which it is placed against the skin, and a pulse of light is emitted by pressing the activation button. The user should glide the device to cover the entire area, avoiding overlapping pulses to prevent skin irritation.

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Effectiveness and Results

During the one-month trial period, the Kenzzi Hair Removal Device was tested on various body areas, including legs, underarms, and the bikini line. The initial few sessions required weekly treatments, but as the hair growth diminished, the frequency was reduced to once every two weeks. After the first few sessions, some users reported a noticeable reduction in hair growth, with finer and sparser regrowth. However, it is essential to understand that individual results may vary, and complete hair removal may take several months of consistent use.

Comfort and Safety

The Kenzzi Hair Removal Device is generally comfortable to use, with minimal discomfort during treatments. Users with sensitive skin may experience mild tingling or warmth during the process, but this sensation is usually tolerable and fades quickly after treatment.

The device’s built-in skin tone sensor helps ensure safety, as it automatically detects whether the user’s skin tone is suitable for treatment. It is essential to read the user manual and follow safety guidelines to avoid potential adverse effects, especially if the device is not compatible with the user’s skin tone.


  • Convenient and easy-to-use at-home hair removal solution.
  • Offers adjustable energy levels for customized treatment.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
  • Visible reduction in hair growth over time.
  • It can be used on various body areas.


  • Individual results may vary, and complete hair removal may take time.
  • Not suitable for all skin tones and hair colors.
  • Requires consistent and regular treatments for optimal results.
  • It may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or skin sensitivities.


In conclusion, Kenzzi’s Hair Removal Device offers a promising at-home hair removal solution for individuals seeking a more convenient and long-lasting alternative to traditional hair removal methods. While it may take time and patience to achieve desired results, many users reported a visible reduction in hair growth over the course of one month.

However, it is crucial to use the device as directed, follow safety guidelines, and understand that individual outcomes may vary. If you are considering the Kenzzi Hair Removal Device or any IPL device, it is advisable to consult with a dermatologist or healthcare professional to determine if it is suitable for your specific skin type and needs.