Mom Life: 10 Places in the Kitchen You Might Forget to Clean

The kitchen can be one of the most fun places in a house, especially if you like cooking. So, you have to make it as comfortable as possible by doing oven cleaning, stove cleaning, and so on to keep the kitchen clean. Unfortunately, there are many places in the kitchen that you might forget to clean, as follows.

Under Appliances

The first place that is usually forgotten when cleaning a kitchen is under kitchen appliances. This is quite common because people tend not to look under kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. So, make sure to look under them when you do thorough kitchen cleaning.

Behind and on Above the Cabinets

Just like under kitchen appliances, the back and top of cabinets are also usually overlooked. This is because it’s rare for people to look at the back and top parts of kitchen cabinets, especially if they are higher than most people.

Inside the Oven Drawer

Doing regular oven cleaning is a must if you want it to keep processing your food properly. If your oven is clean, then the food cooked with it will always be of good quality. Unfortunately, the inside part of the oven drawer is often overlooked due to the fact that it’s barely visible. You must not forget to clean this part because it’s easy for crumbs and grease to accumulate there.

Drawer Interiors

Just like an oven drawer, kitchen drawers are also barely visible unless you start opening them. Unfortunately, it’s easy for food residue to accumulate there, especially if you put food or food ingredients there quite often.

Under the Sink

The sink is the place in the kitchen that is most susceptible to water exposure, so it’s easy for mold and mildew to accumulate around it, especially under the sink. This is because people tend to overlook the space under the sink, except if there’s something wrong with the sink or the pipe.

Vent Hood and Filters

A vent hood is another place in a kitchen that is often overlooked because of its position. Also, since it’s only exposed to steam produced by the food cooked on the stove, people often think that the vent hood won’t be dirty.

Unfortunately, this is wrong because, in fact, grease and grime accumulate there fast, especially if you use your stove quite often.

Gasket and Seals

It’s true that gaskets and seals, such as the ones in your refrigerator or dishwasher, are there to keep those kitchen appliances shut tight. However, they are also perfect places for debris and dirt, so you have to clean them when cleaning your kitchen thoroughly.

Appliance Control Panels

Another place that is often overlooked when cleaning a kitchen is the appliance control panels, like the ones on your oven and microwave. They have to be cleaned so they won’t easily break due to the accumulation of food residue and grease.

Can Opener

Since a can opener is used for opening cans containing food, it will be quite easy for food residue to stick to the tool.

If you don’t clean it after use, it can easily get rusty. But if you have already missed it, you can clean it when performing thorough kitchen cleaning.

Sink Drain and Garbage Disposal

The last place that is often overlooked when cleaning your kitchen is sink drain and garbage disposal. This is because they are barely visible and hard to reach. However, it’s easy for dirt and debris to accumulate there for an obvious reason. So, don’t forget to clean it to prevent odors and clogs. These are 10 places in the kitchen you might forget to clean. With this information, you can properly clean all aspects of your kitchen.