Leiebil Los Angeles: Affordable in the Golden State – It Is Possible

The most luxurious rented car for traveling around Los Angeles would be perhaps a Lamborghini, Porsche, maybe a Ferrari, or how about a Rolls, particularly for the true Californian who enjoys not only opulence but loves cars.

You can either plan an itinerary each day, visit the main attractions that the sunny state offers, or drive at your own pace without a true agenda, looking for unique places to explore.

As a budget-conscious traveler, you can choose a more low-key approach, looking for ways to save here and there while still having the time of your life. Check out https://www.leiebilguiden.no/usa/los-angeles/ to find premium deals on car rentals in Los Angeles and where to go to find them.

While you might want to check out the latest and greatest in Porches and Lamborghinis while staying in Los Angeles to see what it feels like to drive through the Hollywood Hills in style, that money can be much better spent trying out the cuisine at one of the hotspots in town.

After all, you’re there to see the sights, learn about the culture, and enjoy the attractions. It is possible to find affordable car rentals in the sunny state, and these savings can then be used for the fun part of your holiday budget.

How can you save money and still have the best time while in an expensive city like Los Angeles? Let’s look at a few budget-saving car rental hacks.

Compare Rates/shop Numerous Locations

When you’re looking to find the best deal, you can’t take the first agency that comes along with a promotion. All of the car rental companies will have offers to entice business. The objective is to compare each according to incentives, features, inventory, pickup locations, and costs.

Inbound travelers find the convenience of airport-based rental agencies top-notch. These companies often have a large inventory, making the pricing competitive for the varied models. However, if your budget is more restrictive and you have a bit more time, you can search for an off-airport site for booking.


Usually, free shuttles take passengers to the rental agency’s pickup locations. Sometimes, rental companies drop cars off at a specific location for their clients from a nearby location or pick them up and drive them to the car’s location.

This isn’t an option with all agencies, but if you filter your search to those that offer “Meet and Greet,” these companies will provide those services.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Book a Car

The closer you get to your holiday’s departure date, the higher the daily rates will be, and car options will be fewer. In this scenario, you can forget the idea of affordable car rental.

In fact, industry experts suggest that booking only 48 hours before a trip can cost roughly “30 percent more” than booking roughly six months in advance—yes, six months!

That’s the ideal way to get the most competitive rate. Since you know the holiday dates, doing this shouldn’t be a challenge, and you can cancel within a reasonable time period if necessary.

Rental companies offer discounts to those who respectfully schedule far enough ahead and will secure the vehicle you prefer for the trip.

Pickup Time Adjustments

The easiest way to save some money on your rental costs is to modify the car pickup time if you aren’t sure when you need to get the vehicle or are extremely flexible with your scheduled time.

Don’t worry about the company being stringent about you coming in to get the car. They’re really not strict about pickup. Dropping the car off on time is another story altogether. This needs to be done often a little earlier than the scheduled time because usually there’s someone behind you waiting on that specific car.

Adjusting by even just 30 minutes for the pickup can significantly impact the price, benefiting you.

Fuel can be the Difference Between Affordable and Breaking the Bank

The recommendation is to avoid prepaid fuel if you want a more budget-friendly approach to renting a car. Prepaying to fill the tank in a rented vehicle is a surefire way to bust a budget.

If you cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway on a stellar road trip and you pass by a fuel station with incredibly low prices compared to the prepaid fixed rate you’re paying, it could sadly depress a beautiful day.


For affordable car rental and peace of mind, opt to have greater control over your fuel choices so you can actually stop at the cheapest fuel stations. If you have to take a few minutes out of your way to save considerably on fuel prices, it’s worth that time investment.

Rental Car Insurance Can be Worth the Expense

Rental car insurance can mean the difference between being charged exorbitantly for damages to a vehicle or being covered for an incident or accident that resulted in even the slightest ding or scratch.  As a priority, you must take pictures before pulling a car off the lot, so any preexisting damage is documented.

It can be challenging to understand what you need to get or what will be covered by the policies. The monetary difference between getting the coverage that is important and possibly being “overly invested” is considerable.

If you overpay without needing to, that defeats the purpose of a good deal on a car rental. As a rule, you’ll want to check with your credit card issuer and your personal car insurance carrier to see what, if any, car rental insurance they provide.

Typically, comprehensive or collision plans offer rental insurance, including standard coverage for theft and damage up to the value of your personal car.

If you don’t have rental coverage, you can find other ways to protect yourself, including obtaining a “loss damage waiver.” As long as accidents occur within the agreement, this form protects your degree of responsibility. You also must have liability coverage for loss to someone else.


Many rental agencies will package your needs into policies for an additional fee. You can save money by opting for “standalone policies.” Various tools offered online can help you determine which policy types match your specific needs.

Contactless Pickup

When filtering your search before booking a car, you can look for agencies that offer contactless pickup services. This avoids standing in a long line waiting for your reservation to be satisfied, especially if you booked your car six months ahead.

When choosing contactless pickup services, the rental will be self-serve, which means the car will be keyless, and you can unlock it using an app. Alternatively, it will be stored in a secure location, like a kiosk, that you can access using a barcode or security detail.

Regardless of how you access the auto, a contactless pickup avoids a lot of hassle and frustration, saves time, energy, and effort, and gets you directly to your hotel.

Membership Discounts make an Affordable Experience

When you have a restrictive budget, it’s wise to join a club program or group rewards plan to ensure an affordable car rental experience. Organizations like AAA—the American Automobile Association—offer reduced rates for members who book with affiliate rental agencies.


You could be missing out on considerable savings with a credit card carrier, your personal car insurance provider, or even with a college alumni association. It’s wise to do some research on rewards or membership programs perks with associations you’re affiliated with.

If you’re an avid traveler, you could also consider becoming a member of organizations that offer incredible rental car benefits.

Final Thought

It’s tempting to try to live like a celebrity when traveling to the Golden State, where you might run into one or two. Traveling around in the glitz and glamour, driving the car of your dreams, sounds thrilling.

Still, you can do one or two luxurious and briefly satisfying things on an extravagant budget or indulge in many exciting, memorable things with a well-planned, affordable budget.

As a priority, you must book your rental car well ahead of the scheduled departure by at least six months. Plus, allow flexibility with your pickup time. These things will enable considerable savings.

You might not get that Lamborghini, maybe a sedan or a coupe, but you’ll have plenty to tell friends back home.