How to See What My Boyfriend Likes on Instagram?


Are you always thinking about how to see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram? Many people wonder what captures their significant other’s attention on social media. However, there are no reliable ways to find accurate information. In this article we will consider the right solutions!.

Using third-party tracking apps can be ideal for tracking what your partner has liked on social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. We’ll discuss this in more detail. You will no longer be up late at night questioning how can I see what pictures my boyfriend likes on Instagram?

Reasons to Find Out About Instagram Likes

Whether you feel less in control of your relationship or don’t entirely trust your boyfriend, you may want to monitor his Instagram activity.

Here are a few more reasons why you may want to know how to see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram:

● Feeling curious: His likes on Insta may answer your curiosity about what he finds engaging.

● Creating boundaries: If your relationship is new, you may want to create boundaries by not liking photos of your ex-partners or IG models.

● Insecurity: Everyone feels insecure about something. Knowing what he likes may reveal what he finds attractive.

● Lack of trust: If you don’t completely trust your boyfriend, you can go through his likes to see where your relationship stands.

Can You Monitor What Someone Likes on Instagram?

Instagram used to have an activity tracking tab for the people you were following. However, this feature was removed in 2019 as everyone wanted to be more thrilled with this feature. The followers could know about liked posts and comments.


Now, the app only shows what someone has liked if you see the account name in the likes of a certain post. This only happens if you both follow the same accountor, for some reason, you get suggested the same posts your boyfriend has liked. Another way may be to check out your boyfriend’s following list and open accounts. Click on posts and see if he has liked them.

How to See What Your Boyfriend Likes on Instagram?

Thinking about how to see what your boyfriend likes on Instagram? The answer may be more complex. There is no way on the app to see what he has liked. Unless you install a third-party spy app, you won’t be able to learn what he likes on IG.

Getting a paid subscription to a third-party tracking app will show you what he likes and even who he is texting on these apps. Another way is to grab his phone and check the likes directly. This is only possible if he trusts you with his phone and you know his password.

You need a high level of trust to do this without causing problems in your relationship. To check his likes on his phone, go to activity and then to likes. You will see all the posts he has liked.

Find Instagram Likes On Ios And Android Using The Mspy App

mSpy is among the most reliable apps in solution to how to see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram. It has keylogging, screen recording, camera access, and GPS tracking features. Overall, it’s a trustworthy platform to access your significant other’s phone.

Features Of Mspy

● Instagram Monitoring: Check what your boyfriend has liked on the app. Apart from this, know who they are chatting with on Instagram.

● Screen recorder: See screenshots and screen recordings for the apps he’s using. You’ll learn even if he does not like a certain photo but interacts with it.

● Keylogger: Use this feature to backtrack all the keystrokes and what he types on the phone.

● Photo Viewer: Another great feature to see if he takes screenshots or Instagram posts or downloads them.

How Much Do mSpy Plans Cost?

mSpy has a few plans, such as Premium, Extreme, and Family Kit. All these plans have different prices and features. Depending on your requirements, you may pick a plan for yourself. Paying a bit more will, of course, mean you get the best pack. However, you may also start with a basic plan to learn about the app and its features.

Mspy Premium

This plan has 3 options: 1-month, 3 and 12-month subscriptions. They have the same features but different validity.


The features to see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram include key logging and social media monitoring for Instagram and Facebook. You may also use location tracker features.

Cost for Annual Plan: $11.67/mo.

Mspy Extreme

Choose this subscription plan for features such as a remote camera and a hidden microphone. You’ll be able to see the surroundings and hear what your boyfriend is saying.

Cost for Annual Plan: $23.99/mo.

Mspy Family Kit

This is a plan that helps in monitoring three devices in one subscription. Ideal for when you want to learn how to see what your boyfriend likes on Instagram using different phones. He may have a tablet or more than one phone. You may track the Instagram likes from these devices with this plan.

Cost of Annual Plan: $28.00/mo.


Now you know how to see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram. Third-party apps like mSpy can access your Boyfriends’ likes and other activities on Instagram. Moreover, you will feel at peace and not worry about what he’s liking or watching. Besides, focus on building communication and transparency with each other so your relationship can thrive. Create boundaries in your relationship! If you’re not okay with him liking certain things, communicate. Continue the relationship if you see a positive change.