How to Lookup a Former Colleague

Sometimes, it takes work to get in touch with the people you used to enjoy spending time with, whether that was at school, work, or another aspect of your life. Regardless of the reason, people fall out of touch, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools, you can find information about former colleagues and their contact information, address, or anything that’s a public record. Therefore, you no longer have to be in the dark about their life and what they’re up to.

If you’re curious about finding your former colleagues, we’re here to help. We cover the best tools for how to look up a former colleague.

Why You Should Lookup a Former Colleague

There are a few reasons to look up a former colleague. You might want to connect with them because you were friends when you worked together, or you might want to reach out to them for networking purposes. Learn more about some of the best reasons to look up former colleagues below.


One of the best reasons to look up a former colleague is networking. They might be in a new role at a company you want to get into or have connections with people you don’t have access to. Therefore, connecting with old coworkers to expand your network and explore new opportunities doesn’t hurt.


Colleagues can make great references. However, you have to have their name and contact information for a company to reach them. Therefore, you’ll need to get in touch with them and reconnect with them. You should also touch base and ensure that they’re comfortable being your reference.

Catching Up

Last but not least, looking up to an old colleague to catch up is a great idea if you miss spending time with them. If you used to be great friends at work or in school, it doesn’t hurt to look them up and reach out to them. We recommend sending them an email or a phone call first before diving right in.

Several tools can help you look up a former colleague, but some are better than others. We cover the three best tools that you can leverage, so you don’t waste time or money.


The tools we cover below include people finders like, search engines like Google, and platforms like Whitepages.

People Search Tools

The best way to find a former colleague is to look them up with a people search tool. These tools are available online, and they function as public records databases. That said, some options are better than others. For example,’s people search engine┬áis connected to millions of public records databases to provide you with current and accurate information. You only need someone’s name, phone number, or address to find a former colleague with a tool like this.

Social Media

One of the best methods to look up a former colleague is to use social media platforms. For former colleagues, LinkedIn is one of the best options. It’s a platform for professionals, and people often post about their jobs and their contact information. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms like Instagram can also help. You’ll typically need their name to get started with social media, but you can usually find a lot of information.

Google Search

Google is another great tool for finding a former colleague. You can enter their name or any information you have into the search engine to see if anything appears.


If the person has social media accounts or works for a company and is listed on their website, they can appear in the results. This method works best if the person is popular or if you have a lot of information about them to narrow down the options.

Find a Former Colleague Today

Findialwaysformerchallengingague is never easier if you know where to look. Regardless of why you lost touch with them, tools like Google and can help you search for them with the information that you have. In fact, the right tools can help you get started with just their name. Get ready to find a former colleague today and bring back your missing connections.