Exploring the Sweepstakes Gaming Adventure at Scratchful Casino


Scratch, operating as a sweepstakes casino, provides the exciting opportunity to convert winnings into tangible prizes. Before delving into the redemption process, let’s briefly explore the nature of this social gaming app and its offerings.

What is Scratchful?

Introduced in 2023 by the reputable B2Services OÜ, Scratchful stands out as the latest sensation in the sweepstakes casino realm. This social online casino swiftly gained recognition as the preferred destination for thrilling gaming experiences. Scratchful offers a diverse array of games, encompassing online scratch-offs and slots, catering to both enthusiasts seeking instant rewards and those desiring a more traditional casino experience.

Currency System

Embracing the sweepstakes model, Scratchful ensures a legal and secure online casino gaming environment. Similar to other sweepstakes casinos, the app employs two virtual currencies: Gold Coins (GS) and Sweepstakes Coins (SC).

  • Gold Coins: Dedicated to the play-for-fun aspect, these can be acquired through purchase or as bonuses from the sweeps platform. However, Gold Coins are not exchangeable for real cash prizes.
  • Sweepstakes Coins: Exclusively available as free bonuses, Sweeps Coins cannot be obtained through real money purchases. They hold the unique capability of conversion into real-life rewards such as gift cards or cash prizes.

Free Bonuses

Scratchful’s sweeps casino goes above and beyond to delight its players with generous gifts, significantly extending your playtime and enhancing your involvement in the casino’s enjoyable and social aspects.

Sign-up Bonus

Upon joining, Scratchful extends a warm welcome to new players through a sign-up bonus designed to ensure an unforgettable experience. Upon registration, players instantly receive 7,500 GC, and the best part is, no promo code is required. Simply register, log in, and the bonus will be seamlessly added to your account.


The process involves signing in through email, password, or your Google or Apple account. Additionally, appending “/sc” to the casino’s URL after logging in rewards you with an extra 2.5 Sweeps Coins.

First Purchase Bonus

Scratchful takes the gaming experience to new heights with an enticing First Purchase Bonus. For just $9.99, players receive 50,000 Gold Coins along with 25 Free Sweeps Coins. For those seeking an extended thrill, an investment of $74.99 yields an impressive 200,000 Gold Coins, complemented by 100 Free Sweepstakes Coins.

Social Media Free Bonuses

By following the sweeps cash casino on its social media platforms (Fakebook, Instagram, and X), players have the opportunity to receive 100,000 free GC and 50 SC. All that’s required is to take a screenshot as proof of following and send it to the casino through the “Submit a Request” button in the Help Center of your account.


Now that you’ve amassed a substantial amount of virtual coins, let’s explore where you can utilize them to transform potential winnings into tangible prizes. In this aspect, Scratchful sets a notable standard as a sweepstakes social casino, offering a diverse and captivating selection that guarantees hours of boundless excitement.


Within its extensive array of online scratch-offs, games like Diamond Strike capture attention with their gleaming graphics and enticing prizes. For sports enthusiasts, Football Scratch encapsulates the spirit of the stadium, seamlessly blending the thrill of the game with the instant gratification of a scratch-off. Not to be overshadowed, Panda Gold transports players to the enchanting Asian landscape, where adorable pandas can lead to remarkable wins. These examples only scratch the surface of Scratchful’s offerings, ensuring that every scratch-off enthusiast discovers a game tailored to their preference.


If online scratch-offs aren’t your preference, fear not; the sweeps casino also boasts an extensive range of slots games. With Scratchful, you’re not just a player but an adventurer! Embark on adventures in ancient civilizations and win big with titles like Mysterious Egypt, or immerse yourself in the company of majestic creatures that guide you to hidden treasures in popular games like Wolf Land and Pearl Ocean. These represent just a small sampling of the vast entertainment value Scratchful provides for fans of slot games.

Redeeming Prizes

As highlighted earlier, Scratchful operates under the sweepstakes model, allowing you to convert your winnings into real-life prizes. It’s crucial to bear in mind, as emphasized previously, that only your Sweepstakes Coins balance can be exchanged for non-virtual rewards, not your Gold Coin balance.


Gold Coins are exclusively used for recreational play and to engage with the social aspect of the casino.


The value of sweeps chips a player can redeem is equivalent to dollars (where 1 SC = $1). A vital prerequisite to note is that you must have engaged in at least one game with the amount of SC you intend to exchange before converting them into real cash. Opting for the gift card option necessitates a minimum sweeps balance of 10 coins. Similarly, if you opt for the bank transfer option, you’ll need a minimum of 50 Sweeps coins. Before proceeding with redemption, you are required to verify your account linked to your SC balance.


Scratchful stands out as the ultimate destination for those seeking the thrill of scratch-offs, lottery, and casino-style games using Gold Coins. What sets Scratchful apart is the fact that you can indulge in gameplay without making any purchases, yet the potential for significant wins remains. Packed with excitement and irresistible rewards, Scratchful serves as a comprehensive hub for your entertainment needs.