Eierskifte Telia: Changing Mobile Subscription in Norway


Norway has one of the highest mobile penetration rates from all indications. A recent study even revealed that the number of subscribers slightly exceeds the population.

Stats such as these are quite thrilling considering factors like the age limit policy for becoming a subscriber. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.theglobaleconomy.com/.

However, it also shows that some subscribers jump ship along the line. Well, this article sheds light on some things to know about changing mobile subscriptions in this Scandinavian country. So, keep reading to stay informed.

Types of Mobile Subscription Change

By and large, there are two ways it can happen. There is the internal, as well as external switch:

Internal Switch

This implies that the subscriber still retains the network operator. However, the change has to do with the subscription plan. The subscriber may choose the upgrade or downgrade as the case may be.

Usually, it is a straightforward and quicker process. There are also fewer or no challenges that may be faced. Of course, the reason is because you would still be patronizing the same network operator.

Furthermore, there are common reasons this may happen. Some of the possible reasons include the following:

  • Changing Data Needs and Usage Patterns
  • Discovery of a Better Incentivized Subscription Plan
  • Cost Factor

However, some reasons are not obtainable. One such is network coverage issues. This is because it makes no sense to change from one plan to another plan from the same network operator on account of poor network coverage.

External Switch

This is switching from a subscription plan of one network operator to another network operator. Usually, there are more processes involved and the eventual switch can take a bit of time. The processes involved and the timeframe for concluding this switch depend on the following:

Type of Plan

There are postpaid as opposed to prepaid plans. People who attempt switching from postpaid services to a plan from another network operator have to go through more processes and this takes time. The reason is that there are usually contractual agreements in effect that impose binding time.

Binding time means that the subscriber has agreed to continue the subscription for a period. For instance, the binding time can be 12 months. The implication is that the subscriber is supposed to continue using the operator’s services for that period.

The decision to end the contract before the expiration is due usually means that the subscriber will pay a fee for breaching the agreement. All these and more are reasons why switching from a postpaid plan to (especially) a plan by a different mobile operator can be a bit hectic. However, it is a huge possibility for those who have reasons to do so.

On the other hand, things are a lot easier with prepaid plans. This is because payment for service happens before the delivery of service.

Contract Status

You understand that postpaid plans usually come with contracts, as mentioned above. In light of this, you should also know that the contract status largely determines how easy or otherwise performing an external switch would be.


By the way, the term “contract status” suggests a couple of things. For starters, it means the details of the agreement. For example, some agreements have a notice period clause. This is besides the binding time clause that some contracts may also have.

The notice period clause implies that the operator needs to be informed about the subscriber’s decision to perform an external switch ahead of time. The timeframe can vary depending on the network operator and the eventual agreement with the subscriber.

Furthermore, the term “contract status” also implies how far gone the plan is. By and large, it is easier to perform an external switch when the time is closer to the contract expiration date. Certain conditions may even be relaxed at this stage. The same cannot always be said about fresh contracts.

This is why prospective subscribers need to think things through before agreeing to the terms and conditions of subscription plans. You can click here for details that could help you make an informed decision. You need to be particularly mindful if you are considering a postpaid plan.

The trick is to think long-term and not just based on current happenings. So, take note of this going forward.

Number Porting

A lot is usually tied to our mobile lines. As a result, some people are skeptical about performing external switches as it traditionally means giving up the number. Well, it is possible to switch and still retain the mobile line.

However, the processes are usually a lot more than when switching without porting. By and large, the processes involve:

  • Asking the current mobile network service operator for a PAC (Porting Authorization Code)
  • Giving the secured code to the new mobile network service operator
  • Performing subsequent steps – Especially as mandated by the new operator

The process usually gets completed within a few days, provided there are no complications along the line. So, people who have reason to perform an external switch and still want to continue using their mobile line can have their wish granted.

Availability of Customer Service Operatives

Customer service operatives at both ends – the current and intended network operators, would be involved in facilitating the external switch. As a result, the availability of these operatives and how swiftly they handle the process matters.

Considerations Before Changing Mobile Subscription in Norway

Switching subscription plans is not a process that should be done for the fun of it. In other words, certain considerations should be taken into account, including:

Network Coverage & Quality

Many people who change subscriptions are often driven by certain things. The possibility of getting a cheaper and better-incentivized package is a common reason.

This is a good reason but not enough reason as network coverage should be one of your major concerns. The reason is that the possibility of getting a cheaper and better-incentivized package will make no sense if there is no coverage in your area.

So, pay attention to this before you consider switching. Also, you should find out the quality and strength of the network’s coverage.

Just the record, network strength is mainly about the ability to get signals in the vicinity. However, network quality is more than that. It also quantifies the level of the network coverage:

  • Data speed
  • Congestion
  • Reliability
  • Call Clarity
  • Latency
  • Call drop rate

Infrastructural installations, maintenance, and upgrades largely determine an operator’s network coverage strength and quality. Other influencing factors include weather conditions and terrain.


Be certain of the overall implications of choosing a subscription plan before you decide to do so. A thorough examination of the plan’s features will help get you this information. Do not choose to switch plans until you have this information and can firmly say that the decision to switch will be worth it.


You do not necessarily have to choose the cheapest plan. It is about choosing something that suits your needs and that has a good-enough cost-to-value ratio. So, make sure you assess the:

  • Call & Text Allowances
  • Data Allowances
  • Roaming Charges

There may also be additional charges besides the aforementioned. Make sure to assess them in the context of cost and value before you make your decision.

Customer Service

Dealing with a mobile operator with a poor customer service approach can be quite frustrating. It affects the chances of getting clarifications and resolving issues involving the network operator on time.


For this reason, it is advised that you steer clear of such. The right plan would be run by an operator that has a proactive and committed customer service system.

Final Note

Besides the ones discussed above, there are other considerations for people who want to switch subscription plans. They include considering the frequency and worth of promotional offers, as well as device compatibility.

Make sure these considerations guide you when you decide to switch subscription plans. This is so that you end up with the right plan.