Bernedoodle Names

One of the most exciting parts of adopting a new dog is selecting a name for them, though this process can feel somewhat overwhelming as you try to narrow down the options and select something that really fits. While you can choose a name that fits your bernedoodle’s coloration or personality, you can also select your favorite name or a name from our list of popular bernedoodle names. Whichever name you prefer is sure to fit your dog and become a treasured part of your history with your bernedoodle.

What Is a Bernedoodle?

The bernedoodle is a mixed breed dog, sometimes referred to as a designer breed dog, and it is a cross between the large and loving Bernese mountain dog and the intelligent standard poodle. According to Dog Academy, these dogs are cuddly, affectionate, energetic, and playful, and they love spending time with their owners and receiving plenty of affection from them. Bernedoodles are often considered good family dogs due to their friendly and even temperament, and though some bernedoodle have a hint of stubbornness, they can be easily trained and eager to please their owners.

Best Names for a Bernedoodle

The best name for your bernedoodle is going to be one that suits their personality, color, or overall temperament. You can also name your dog fun names, such as people names, or name them after food. There are plenty of options for naming your bernedoodle, which is why we’re giving you a list of the best names for a bernedoodle below.

Food Names

Food names are a great way to show your love of food and give your bernedoodle a fun, peppy name.

●      Mochi

●      Beans

●      Biscuit

●      Cookie

●      Peaches

●      Chai

●      Nutmeg

●      Ginger

●      Basil

●      Poppy

People Names

People names, such as names that we would give to our friends, children, and family members, are a great way to make your dog feel like part of the family.

●      Bella

●      Eva

●      Luna


●      Gracie

●      Daisy

●      Felix

●      Oscar

●      Otto

●      Max

●      Arthur

Fun Names

Fun names like naming your bernedoodle after your favorite TV show character or the color of their coat are an easy way to pick a suitable name for your pup.

●      Oreo

●      Bear

●      Tiny

●      Spot

●      Orion

●      Doodle

●      Hagrid

●      Potter

●      Mickey

●      Minnie

●      Goofy

●      Zeus

●      Atlas

●      Athena

Things to Consider When Naming Your Bernedoodle

Naming your bernedoodle is a fun process, especially as you try out names to see which one suits their personality more. However, you should consider important things like medical records and calling your dog’s name in public when selecting their name. A name that is difficult to pronounce, excessively long, or one that might not be appropriate for use in public or at the veterinarian’s office can make things a little awkward as you take your dog for check-ups or spend time with them in public.


To make sure that your dog’s name fits, imagine using it in a variety of situations and practice saying it to them out loud. This ensures that your dog starts to get used to their name, you get used to the way it feels, and you don’t accidentally end up selecting a name that you have to whisper to the vet at every visit.

Naming Your Loving Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles are affectionate, intelligent, and loyal, and these pups often have names that reflect that side of their personality. However, there are a wide variety of names you can choose from for your pup, and it might take a while to navigate through these names to find the best one. As long as you take your dog’s traits into account and choose a name that is easy to say, plus one that is appropriate, you are sure to find a name that fits your loving bernedoodle and becomes a part of both of your lives.