Activities For Kids To Do During Church: Keep Them Engaged And Quiet

As a parent, it’s essential to ensure that your kids are occupied during church service to avoid distractions, restlessness, and boredom. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities for kids to do during church, which can help keep them entertained and spiritually engaged.

One of the easiest things to do is to bring along a coloring book. This can be a great activity for kids to do during the service, especially if it’s related to religious themes or Bible stories. You can also bring colored pencils or crayons, and encourage your kids to draw and color during the service.

Another creative way to keep your kids occupied is by bringing along quiet toys or games that don’t make noise or distract others during the service. For example, you could carry small figurines or dolls for imaginative play, or a puzzle or memory game to help with problem-solving skills. The key is to choose activities that are age-appropriate, engaging, and keep your kids quiet and calm during the service.

By giving your kids fun, educational, and spiritually focused activities to do during church, you can help them have a positive church experience and instill good Christian values in them. With a little planning and creativity, activities for kids to do during church can keep your little ones engaged, happy, and entertained during the service.

Activities for Kids to do During Church

One great way to keep kids entertained and engaged during church is through fun and creative crafts. As a parent and an expert in children’s activities, I have come up with a few fun craft ideas that are perfect for kids to do during church. These crafts not only help keep kids occupied but can also reinforce important values or stories from the Bible, adding a religious dimension to the activity.

Here are three craft ideas that I would recommend trying out:

  1. Bible Verse Coloring Pages – Print out coloring pages with Bible verses on them and have the kids color them in during church. This is a great way to get kids thinking about the Bible while keeping their hands busy. You can find free coloring pages online or create your own with verses that relate to the sermon or lesson of the day.
  2. Prayer Journals – Give each child a notebook or journal and encourage them to write down their prayers or draw pictures related to the sermon or lesson. This is a great way for kids to reflect on what they’re learning and deepen their relationship with God.
  3. Popsicle Stick Crosses – Provide the kids with popsicle sticks, glue, and decorations such as paint, glitter, or stickers. Show them how to glue the sticks together to create a cross and let them decorate it as they wish. This craft can symbolize their faith and can be a great reminder of the importance of Jesus and the cross.

These crafts are easy to organize, inexpensive, and can be done with children of all ages. Doing them together encourages creativity and helps foster relationships between kids while making sure they are engaged in a meaningful activity during church.

In conclusion, these fun crafts for kids during church are great ways to teach children Biblical stories and values while also keeping them occupied. With a little bit of planning and creativity, parents or members of the church community can make sure that children have a productive and enjoyable time while they learn about their faith.

Engaging Games for Kids to Play at Church

As a parent, it can be challenging to keep your kids occupied and well-behaved during church services. However, there are plenty of engaging games and activities you can introduce to keep them entertained. In this section, I’ll share a few of my favorite games that you can play with your kids during church.

Table Games

Table games are great for keeping kids occupied while seated. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Tic Tac Toe – this classic game is simple yet fun and can be played with just a pen and a piece of paper.
  2. Hangman – another classic game that is perfect for passing the time.
  3. Spot the Difference – print out two identical pictures and have your kids circle the differences.
  4. Connect the dots – these puzzles are both fun and brain-boosting!

Active Games

Active games are perfect for getting your kids moving and expending some of that extra energy. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Simon Says – this classic game involves a leader who gives commands that must be followed only if prefaced with the phrase “Simon says.” Kids love it.
  2. Red Light, Green Light – one player acts as a traffic light and shouts “Green light!” to let players know to move forward. Red light stops everyone.
  3. Church Bingo – make bingo cards filled with different things that kids may see or hear during church, such as “hymn,” “prayer,” or “amen.”

Quiet Games

Quiet games can be a lifesaver during church when kids need to be still and quiet. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Word Searches – print out church-themed word searches for your children to complete. There are many free ones available online.
  2. Coloring Pages – bring along a few coloring books and crayons to keep your child occupied.
  3. Storytime – encourage your child to read a book or listen to an audiobook during the sermon.

In conclusion, with these engaging games and activities, your kids will enjoy attending church services without getting bored or disruptive. Remember to choose the activities that your child enjoys, and don’t forget to pack essential items such as coloring books, pens, and papers.

Quiet Activities for Kids During Church Sermons

As a parent, it can be challenging to keep your children occupied during church services. However, there are plenty of quiet activities that can keep them engaged and entertained without disrupting the service.

Here are some quiet activities for kids to do during church sermons:

  1. Coloring and Drawing: Bring along some coloring books and a set of colored pencils or crayons. Kids can color in pictures and stay focused while listening to the sermon. Alternatively, they can draw their own pictures.
  2. Puzzles and Mazes: Puzzles and mazes are great for keeping kids engaged and focused. You can print out some puzzles from the internet and bring them along for your child to complete during the service.
  3. Quiet Books: Quiet books are made of soft fabric and contain various activities for children to do. They can be great for sensory development and are perfect for keeping your child quietly occupied.
  4. Reading: Bring along a few books for your child to read during the service. You can choose books with religious stories or any other books that your child enjoys.
  5. Listening Games: You can play listening games with your child during the service. For example, you can ask your child to listen for particular words or themes in the sermon.
  6. Play Sets: Miniature play sets are great for keeping kids busy. Bring along a small set with some characters, animals, and scenery for your child to play with quietly.

Remember to pack these quiet activities and more for your child so that they can be kept occupied during church sermons.


In conclusion, engaging children in activities during church is an effective way of keeping them interested while reinforcing their understanding of religion. As we have seen, there are several activities that can be tailored to appeal to kids’ different ages, interests, and learning styles.

It is essential to choose age-appropriate activities so that children can better engage and comprehend the subject being taught. Activities that match their interests and abilities can also make them feel more connected to the lesson and therefore more attentive and interested.

Additionally, offering various activities for kids to do during church enables them to explore their creativity, imagination, and curiosity while being in a faith setting. It is a great way for them to learn about prayer and devotion in a fun, engaging, and interactive way.

However, it is important not to make these activities a distraction to the overall religious message. The activities should be relevant and connected to the lesson, not just a means of keeping the kids occupied. They should complement the religious instruction and serve as a supplementary tool to reinforce and enhance their understanding.

In sum, incorporating activities for kids to do during church is an effective way of providing a positive religious experience for children. With careful planning and execution, these activities can go a long way in creating a welcoming and engaging environment for kids to learn about religion and spirituality.