A Well-Deserved Getaway: Planning a Winery Trip for Working Moms

Balancing a career and motherhood is no small feat, often requiring the finesse and multitasking skills of a seasoned juggler. For working moms who manage to pull off this incredible act day in and day out, a well-deserved break is not just a luxury but a necessity. Imagine swapping out the frenzy of work emails, kid’s soccer games, and, yes, even that nightly rendezvous with ‘National Casino‘ online for the tranquility of a winery. A winery trip offers the perfect blend of relaxation, socializing, and a touch of luxury. Here’s how to plan the perfect winery excursion that will allow you to recharge and indulge in some adult-only time.

Choose the Right Destination

First and foremost, decide on the winery or wine region that you’d like to visit. Factors like proximity, variety of wines offered, and additional amenities such as spas or gourmet dining can influence your decision. If it’s a day trip, opt for a location within a two-hour drive. For longer getaways, consider renowned wine regions like Napa Valley, Bordeaux, or Tuscany, where you can immerse yourself in a multi-day wine experience.

Timing is Everything

Select a date that works for everyone in your group and doesn’t conflict with work commitments or your children’s school events. Weekdays often offer a quieter, more intimate experience at many wineries, while weekends are livelier but may require advance bookings due to higher demand. Check the winery’s event calendar; you might be able to coincide your trip with a wine-tasting festival or a special vineyard tour.

Childcare Arrangements

Since this is a moms-only trip, you’ll need to sort out childcare. Whether it’s a spouse, a grandparent, or a trusted babysitter, ensure that you have reliable care for your children. Provide a detailed schedule and make arrangements for any activities or needs your children may have while you’re away.

Transportation and Accommodation

If your chosen winery is within driving distance, consider hiring a chauffeured car for the day to make the trip extra special and ensure everyone can enjoy the wine without driving concerns. For longer trips, look for accommodations that complement your wine experience—perhaps a quaint bed-and-breakfast among the vineyards or a luxury resort with spa amenities to relax after a day of wine-tasting.

Plan Your Itinerary

Do some research to find out what each winery offers. Some have guided tours of their vineyards and production facilities, while others may offer specialized tasting sessions, like food and wine pairings. Try to balance structured activities with free time for exploration and relaxation. Contact the wineries in advance to make any necessary reservations.

What to Pack

Pack light, but be prepared. Comfortable yet stylish clothes are advisable, as you’ll likely be walking through vineyards but also sitting in tasting rooms. Don’t forget a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for daytime, a pashmina or light jacket for cooler evenings, and, of course, your camera to capture the memories.


Last but not least, set a budget. Between transportation, accommodation, dining, and wine purchases, costs can add up quickly. Many wineries charge for tasting sessions, though some may waive this fee if you make a purchase.

Be sure to account for these expenses when planning your budget.

Enjoy the Experience

Remember, the goal is to relax and enjoy the experience. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a casual sipper, a winery trip offers the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation and bonding with friends who share similar day-to-day challenges. Allow yourself to forget about work deadlines and the endless to-do lists momentarily and simply enjoy the wine, the scenery, and, most importantly, the company.

So go ahead, swap out the chaos for the countryside, and raise a glass to a well-deserved break. Cheers!