7 Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks You Never Knew About


Have you ever stumbled upon unexpected features on your iPhone? Apple has embedded numerous hidden capabilities in your phone. You’d be surprised to learn that even devoted iPhone users may never discover them. Here are 10 iPhone tricks that can increase your productivity if you know where to find them.

Hidden iPhone Hacks and Tricks

Copy Text From Images

Having an iPhone XS, XR, or a newer model grants you access to an impressive feature called Live Text. Essentially, your iPhone possesses the ability to detect and recognize text within photos, online images, and even videos.

This means that you can effortlessly copy and paste text from pictures by simply holding your finger on the desired text and using it in other applications.

Furthermore, you can extract text from real-time scenarios without the need to capture a photo. All you need to do is point your camera at the text and press the Live Text button.

Remove the Last Number in Calculations

Many people mistakenly believe that when entering an incorrect number on the Calculator app, they need to restart the entire calculation. Fortunately, this is not the case. You can simply swipe your finger across the number display to remove the last number entered, and repeat this action as needed to delete multiple numbers.

Online Fax

Did you know about the existence of a fax app that can completely replace a landline fax? Although this is not a native iPhone feature, it is incredibly useful in workflows.


You can use online fax on iPhone & iPad through a special application. It allows you to scan, send, receive, edit, and store documents. Even additional security functions are provided.

Turn Your Keyboard Into A Trackpad

The iPhone keyboard is amazing, but I felt a little lost after switching from Android when it came to precisely editing typos. It seemed impossible to select the exact letter I wanted to edit no matter where I tapped.

However, I discovered a neat trick to fine-tune text edits. Just hold down the space bar, and your keyboard turns into a trackpad, allowing you to effortlessly slide your cursor to the precise spot you want to edit.

QuickTake Video

On ‌‌iPhone‌‌ 11 and subsequent models, you have the convenience of recording videos without switching from the default photo mode. To quickly capture a video in the Camera app, press and hold the shutter button, then release it to stop recording.


Instead of holding the button, you can continue recording video by sliding the shutter button to the far right. As you slide it, the shutter will stretch elastically under your finger, and a target padlock icon will appear. Once you place it on the padlock, the shutter button will remain in that position as long as you shoot the video. Additionally, you can tap the shutter button to capture a still photo while recording. When you’re ready to stop shooting video, simply tap the record button below the viewfinder.

Hide Photos

In the Photos app, there is a feature that allows you to conceal specific images from appearing in your general photo library. This way, you can ensure that sensitive pictures remain hidden whenever you access the app. To hide a photo, simply tap on one or select a few, then tap on the share icon—a box with an upward-pointing arrow. Scroll down until you find the Hide option and select it.

To locate the photos you’ve hidden, go to the Albums section and scroll down until you come across the Hidden album. If you prefer not to have the Hidden folder visible at all, you can hide it by going to Settings, navigating to the Photos section, and disabling the option.

Remember, this feature provides an effective way to safeguard your private images and maintain your desired level of privacy within the app.

Delete Old Screenshots

When you tap on the Albums section in the Photos app and scroll down to find Hidden, you will come across different types of media that are automatically sorted for you. By tapping on those sections, you can easily delete old screenshots or screen recordings and create more storage space. This also allows you to quickly declutter your library of cherished memories by removing random junk.


The capabilities of the iPhone are much wider than you think or know. Apple doesn’t add hidden features on purpose, they’re just less well known or require more steps to implement. There are quite a few interesting features on this list that will definitely go beyond your knowledge of what the iPhone can do.

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