7 Erotic Massage Techniques that Make Men Crazy

Everyone who hears about erotic massage thinks about sex or sex preparations. Many regard the prefix ero- as the impact on particular body areas for excitement. Professional masseuses from SweetTouch will help you to find a significant dissimilarity between everyone’s loved sex and professional erotic massage and underline simple techniques that a woman can use to make a man healthier.

What Is Erotic Massage in a Modern World?

Erotic massage is a sensitive tantric massage that relaxes and excites a partner. It includes special massage techniques for relaxation, excitement, and bringing to orgasm and also involves rubbing, kneading, twisting, and patting.

Many believe that erotic massage is used before sex as a prelude – so your partner will get a brighter and richer orgasm. But it is no less suitable as an independent practice — a unique opportunity to bring a man to a happy ending without penetration. An important feature is getting an orgasm without touching the genitals — erotic massage does not imply sexual intercourse.

How to Give an Erotic Massage?

To make an erotic massage, you will need a lot of aromatic oil or a special gel. Also, for an excellent procedure, you need to know the following:

  • Know the massage techniques.
  • Know the location of sensitive areas on the body and how to stimulate them.
  • Have a great desire to please a man.

The procedure is carried out in different stages: the masseuse starts from the lower part of the body, gradually rising, and then comes to the neck, chest, and hips. Particular attention is paid to the inner parts of the hips.

Popular Massage Techniques to Relax a Man

You can find numerous techniques of erotic massage on the internet and in video tutorials. Some methods involve light teasing movements, while others require a strong impact. Here are the most popular ones. Catch the instructions and start practicing right now:

Gentle Stroking

It is a simple and pleasant element you can start and finish the massage with. Stroking is also good to perform after more active techniques. Keep your touch gentle and your palms in complete contact with a man’s body.


This technique relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, and warms the body before the massage. Great for the back and buttocks. You can apply light pressure with both hands on the body or put one hand on the other and make circular pressure movements.

Breast Massage

You will need a lot of oil to perform the technique correctly. To please a man, slide your breasts over his buttocks. Perform movements in a circle, and your partner will receive an unforgettable pleasure! Important: breast massage should have a large contact area and be performed with decent pressure.

Kneading from Toes to Heels

Move from the palms to the arms, shoulders, and chest with warm hands. Stroke the skin with your fingers and touch the man with your body, maintaining contact and increasing excitement. Remember that only an experienced masseuse can push hard. Your movements should be smooth! Please pay special attention to the feet because they are extremely sensitive.

Slapping on the Buttocks

Buttocks are suitable for a more intense massage with light pats and pinching, which increase sexual excitement. Run your hands down the hips and up to the buttocks, slightly touching the perineum without getting carried away!


Similar to the previous, but more dotted element. The technique is applied on the back, neck, arms, and legs to relax tense muscles.

Bring your thumbs together and, with light pressure, make circular motions with them. The palms should be in a horizontal or vertical position. The main thing is not to overdo it with pressure so as not to cause pain.

Awakening the Dragon

Don’t leave the penis unattended. Run your hands around the belly button. Use not only your fingers but also your body parts. Now proceed to the caresses of the chest, concentrating on the nipples. Do not forget that stimulation can be done with your hands and the features of your body. The movements are light and smooth, from the scrotum to the top of the penis.

Erotic massage is a must to deepen a man’s sensuality. With the help of erotic massage techniques, you learn a lot about the hidden functions of your body. The main thing is to choose specialized and professional institutions, such as SweetTouch Incall and Outcall Erotic Massage in Paris, so you will not be disappointed.

Like every woman, every man must call for a professional massage at least once a month. This will help maintain your health and avoid psychological problems. Many couples in a relationship can use the services of masseuses to refresh feelings that fade over time and diversify their partnerships.