With songs such as ‘70’s Street Munchies’, ‘Blowjobs’, ‘Mole (Sniff Sniff)’, ‘Caltex Cowgirl’ and ‘Someone Stole My Push Bike’ plus a hectic live show, Melbourne pub-punk Sharpie rockers, Amyl and The Sniffers are fast becoming a favourite on the Australian music scene. They saw out 2017 touring with legends, Cosmic Psychos, and started 2018 opening for Foo Fighters as well as releasing their first 12” featuring EPs Big Attraction & Giddy Up on Homeless Records. I sent singer Amy some questions to answer via email for a feature in No Cure print magazine I put together on some of my favourite Oz bands; you can get a copy HERE.

What kind of stuff inspires your music?

A&TS: Old pubs and old Australian music. Our music would probably be more about spontaneity than inspiration. It’s like spontaneous but the explosion of the original idea is inspired by a retrospective 70s mentality. It’s like in Apollo 13, when they were like “We gotta make this, fit in to the hole of this, using nothing but that” it’s like “alright lets make a song but we have to pretend there’s no internet, mobile phones, digital reverb or MTV”.

What can you tell me about each band member?

A&TS: Bryce our drummer is from Lennox Head, New South Wales. He’s classically handsome and has a real passion for music. Gus our bassist is from Hobart, Tasmania. He has a very distinct image and likes drinking beer. Declan our guitarist is from Perth, Western Australia. He isn’t classically handsome or distinct looking but makes up for it in general knowledge. Amy our vocalist is from Mullumbimby, New South Wales. She’s laughs heaps and loves The Nanny.

Tell us a bit about the music community where you’re at.

A&TS: You can see a gig any night of the week in Melbourne and each night of the week you’re spoilt for choice as well. Everyone goes to each other’s gigs it’s the main form of socialising in our community. The community is really inspired by each other and open to new bands and foreign bands, whether they’re from interstate or international.

What’s one of your favourite things the band has done so far?

A&TS: We toured with our bassist Gus for the first time, it was his first time seeing the east coast of Australia in a car so that was a nice experience.

Tell us about your most memorable show.

A&TS: Last Saturday we played in Brisbane and it was real fun, we got a real big turnout despite being the opening band. We played on a boat the next day too. Those are the most memorable also coincidentally most recent.

What’s something the band is really passionate about?

A&TS: Having good times and looking after our mates.

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