ALL GRRRL ASSAULT zine cover + conversations with bianca

I LOVE this zine! It’s a VERY IMPORTANT zine. This first issue is “dedicated to every grrrl who has ever felt not good enough thanks to fucked up standards set by the media and enforced by society”!! Zine creator, Rose Wadsworth of Dead End Design and band, The Snatchettes, writes on inspiringly on the zine’s first page: Take back the power, be the change you want to see. On the pages that follow are her hand drawn portrait illustrations of (as the title suggests) women from the worldwide punk and hardcore community, along with a sentence or so from each featured on their experiences in the scene.

The zine highlights the frustration of being female in a male-dominated scene, it stands up for equality and gives these incredible women a spotlight and says: Hey! This isn’t a boys club! We are not a novelty. As Rose writes in the zine intro “we want you to see that women in the music scene is a NORMAL thing” …because, well, IT IS. Women have been a part of the punk community since day one! One of my favourite iconic pioneering punk women, Alice Bag, gives a nice insight into this, and speaks of always feeling equal to her male counter parts (as it should be!) in a chat she recently had with i-D magazine (read it here on her tumblr).

I am so incredibly humbled that Rose featured me in this issue! Other fierce, intelligent, strong, kick ass women featured include: Lauren Confos, Alix Katala, Jelena Goluza, Laura Mardon, Jodie Lawlor, Brody Dalle, Tessa Fox, Kayla Phillip, Nicole Goodwin, Monique Hope, Reb Meyers, Victoria Ruiz, Shannon Lake, Kathleen Hanna, Laura Jane Grace and Evie Amati.

Here’s a little peek at the inside of All Grrrl Assault:

ALL GRRRL ASSAULT zine + Lauren Confos

Lauren Confos (Fuck the System DIY & The Billsharks; READ my in-depth chat w/ Lauren)

ALL GRRRL ASSAULT zine + Jodie Lawlor + Brody Dalle

Jodie Lawlor (D-Rouser) & Brody Dalle

ALL GRRRL ASSAULT zine + Laura Mardon + Bianca Valentino

Laura Mardon (Albion Gold; READ my interview w/ her here) & ME! :)

ALL GRRRL ASSAULT zine + Alix Katala + Jelena Goluza

Alix Katala (Manhunt & Lethal Dose Records) & Jelena Goluza (Outright; READ my chat with Yells here!)

The zine is $5 and available from: DEAD END DESIGN. All money goes towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia. From Rose’s last update, the project has so far raised around $500 to donate to the foundation. Congratulations Rose AND a big THANK YOU to everyone that has supported this so far. Give yourself a great big hug, you rule!

I’m super excited for the next issue, which Rose has already begun work on.

Also, a great big THANKS to Brody Dalle for retweeting my post about this project and being so supportive!

brody RT + All Grrrl Assault

Support good people doing great things!

I heart you