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“Life Artist” Audrey Kitching’s work – she’s a designer, stylist, model, fashion journalist, blogger, business woman + the Style Editor at Buzznet – encourages and promotes positivity, conscious living and living the life of your wildest dreams. Kitching’s hard work ethic has seen her project, Crystal Cactus (one of my favourite places to shop online for crystals) go from strength to strength and finds her currently busy getting ready to launch her debut clothing label, LUNA—“for the late night dreamers and starry eyed believers”. I can’t wait to get my hands on the collection which features some of my favourite things: sacred geometry, tie dye, crescent moons, stars! I recently caught up with Audrey to chat about LUNA as well as conquering fears, making mistakes, staying motivated and meditation.

wearLUNA + Ballet School Dropout + Audrey Kitching

I know that you’re a big believer in getting out there and trying new things, facing your fears and not being afraid to make mistakes. You’ve publicly acknowledged that you’ve made “SO many mistakes and I have learned so much from every one”. What’s one of the most memorable mistakes you’ve made and what lesson did you take away from it?

AUDREY KITCHING: I think just growing up in general. I spent my 16 to 21 years very publicly on the internet with a lot of people watching. At the time I never thought anything of it, now looking back I’m like, that’s just crazy! Most people’s silly-awkward-bad teenager stuff fades away…mine is public domain—which has its ups and downs. Those years made me who I am today though!

In a previous interview you commented “Flying is one of the scariest things in the entire world to me”; where did this fear develop and how have you managed to overcome it to fly all over the world for your fashion work?

AK: I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome it yet, it’s something I force myself to do because I have to. It hasn’t gotten any easier. I used to love flying when I was younger but now it’s something I dread. I’m actually going to Italy to shoot a shoe collection I designed next week. Crossing my fingers for a smooth, relaxing easy flight!

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Among the numerous projects you work on at any given time, you’ve been busy creating a clothing line called LUNA. What can you tell us about it? Will it be an antithesis for all the satanic style clothing that’s popular right now that you’ve mentioned online you’re not a big fan of?

AK: Yes! That’s my hopes, nothing super cheesy but a clothing line that spreads self-love, creativity and open mindedness. You have to question people who are willing to pay for and wear clothing that says “I’m a loser, fuck my life, I hate myself”. You’re setting yourself up for the law of attraction in a very bad way. The line is launching within the next few weeks, I’m very proud of it. I feel it’s something the graphic shirt world could benefit from at the moment.

You grew up in a really artistic family, with your mum making a lot of your clothing which you’d help out with. Is there anything that’s stuck with you from those early crafting days with your mother that influences your creative endeavours now?

AK: Everything! [laughs]. I called her last night to see if I could borrow her flower cutter. She has been pressing and making flower art since I was a baby. I’ve recently found myself pressing all my flowers; doing the same [as she does], but in a different style and for a new generation. I feel like if I wasn’t brought up in a house that always had me doing some type of craft daily, it may not be what I do for a living now. I call myself a “life artist” because I’m always creating so many new projects and ideas! I don’t fit into any specific category, so I made mine up!

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I’ve followed your work since the early 2000s and I’m really feeling the spiritual vibe/turn your journey has seemed to take over the past few years. I’ve noticed your work and the things you share with the world is increasingly infused with a nod to conscious living (via yoga, organic food, holistic products, meditation, eco-friendly choices and spreading awareness when possible etc.). What happened in your life to inspire this positive direction?

AK: I’m not sure how much to get into the exact journey but I have seen spirits and things my whole life and it always scared me. About 5 years ago I started to meet people who helped put this all into perspective. After my Dad died, a girl sought me out and told me she was guided to me because I’m a healer—now she is my Reiki master, spiritual teacher and best friend. I guess it wasn’t really a path I decided to take by choice, it was more something I had to learn to deal with in a positive way or it would take over. I don’t regret any of it, but the lessons I have had to take to get the gifts I have were not easy by any means! I’m able to help so many people now because of the things I have experienced. Not everyone is a full believer in what I do and that’s ok. I never feel the need to validate my gifts, but be there to give them to those who are!

Like me, you practice meditation. What kind of meditation do you do? What difference has it made in your life?

AK: I do a lot of grounding techniques and clearings! When you do healing work it’s so important to be able to release the energies that are not yours. It’s made me realize all these things I have felt my whole life aren’t always mine. It’s opened so many amazing doorways. I believe if everyone meditated for just 10 minutes a day the world would be a much better place!

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In regards to your work, how do you motivate yourself (and stay motivated) especially when the going gets tough?

AK: I just try to take care of my body and mind. I’m always overly creative and motivated but I find there is only so much your body can do in a day. I have to remind myself we are human and to slow down and recharge, because if I could I would never stop!

What’s something that you’re really passionate about right now that you’d like to share with us or would like to raise awareness of?

AK: The bees and GMOS! I think everyone needs to do significant research on these subjects and spread as much awareness as they can. These are life or death situations that more people need to be educated on. Turn the Kardashsian’s off and help the world!


Lastly, what’s next for Audrey Kitching? Is there anything you want to do before you turn 30?

AK: It’s silly but, I would like to go to Hawaii; release a book with publisher and have an art gallery show!

For more Audrey Kitching. Peep treasures and adorn your temple (body) at CRYSTAL CACTUS. Wear LUNA.

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