Replica live by Kef Photography

Lately, I’ve been seeking out female-fronted hardcore punk bands. I often get told how punk/hc is a “boy’s club” and there isn’t a whole lot of female involvement in the community—I call bullshit. There are a whole lot more ladies out there involved in punk/hc than you think, you just have to look.

Here are some of the treasures I’ve had on high rotation:


Since hearing Replica recently I’ve been totally obsessed with this hardcore punk band from Oakland. Vocalist (pictured above; pic by Kef photography) Dharma Moony’s lyrics are kick ass and right up my alley being pretty philosophical and all. Replica makes me truly believe that radical punk has never died.

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TrashAxis live by the Park Gallery

Punk, grind, death, gypsy-style, hardcore, horns and more—this experimental San Diego band has it all. I love the female/male vocal too. Listen to them now, you’ll thank me later!

For more TRASHAXIS. Pic courtesy of TA’s fb.


Portside by Arthur Casillas

Frontwoman Brittney rules it harder than most dudes in local hardcore bands I know. Portside are a hardcore doom-ish style of band with socially conscious lyrics. I especially love track “No” Means NO! with its in-your-face lyrics: Keep your fucking hands to yourself, my body isn’t yours to possess. Amen to that sister!

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future primitive

future primitive live by Joseph Western

Philadelphia’s future primitive indulge my love of melodic and dark hardcore punk. They’re fuelled by minimal sleep and maximum coffee and inspired by Werner Herzog and Black Flag.

For more FUTURE PRIMITIVE. Pic by Joseph Western.

If you know of any other punk/hc bands featuring ladies that are ruling it please do leave links for me in the comments. Sharing is caring y’all.

Peace, Love & Anarchy,

I heart you