No Cure Magazine Issue Two print

The Brisbane-based art-design-music mag I write for, No Cure’s second print issue comes out today and is available nationwide in newsagents or directly from us at

This issue features my interview with REGURGITATOR about their latest album Dirty Pop Fantasy. There’s an interview with Jhonny (yay!) too, he did the cover art for Regurgitator’s new album and made a animated film clip for them. You’ll also find chats with photographer Tegan Rose, Montreal artist Sandra Chevrier, Sydney-based designer Georgia Perry and more talented artists.

This issue’s theme is gender and in the words of my editor Mark Zeidler, “explores the relationship between male and female aspirations, beliefs, attitudes, collaborations and work ethics among artists, designers and musicians in our ever-changing creative world.”

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll find inside this issue:

No Cure Magazine + Raphael Vicenzi

 Art by Raphaël Vicenzi.

No Cure Magazine + Georgia Perry

Art by Georgia Perry.

No Cure Magazine + Gregoire Guillemin

Art by Grégoire Guillemin.

No Cure Magazine + Jhonny Russell interview

Interview with Jhonny.

No Cure Magazine + Regurgitator interview

Regurgitator interview.

No Cure Magazine + Vexta

Art by Vexta.

No Cure Magazine + Rachel Castle

Art by Rachel Castle.

No Cure Magazine + Come Plexy

Art by Come Plexy.

I’m so happy to be a part of the No Cure team. The mag just gets better and better—world class! :)

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