Mystery School at The Waiting Room

I know there are still a couple of days left of January but I thought I’d give you my January round-up early. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and to be honest, January has been a really trying month for me.

Loved ones have been really ill, I’ve been feeling blue (I actually revisited a piece I wrote a few years back How to Fight a Case of the Major Sads and made a mix tape to inspire me to break the funk I’ve been in) and as I haven’t been functioning at 100% and able to do all I usually do, I feel like I’ve been letting people down. On top of all this, my home state (QLD) has experienced quite a battering this past week…it feels like it has rained forever! There’s been flooding, mini tornados and power outages (over 230,000 homes in the dark).

Now, I know this hasn’t really started out as positive as my usual posts but, it’s the truth and life isn’t always super fun. If you keep reading though I promise it gets better! Y’all know I’m a punk rocker at heart and as punk filmmaker-musician-radio host Don Letts once told me: punk rock is about turning negatives into positives. We all have the power of choosing how we feel: Choice. Use it!

In happy news, my debut piece for Rookie was published – Hero Status: Josephine Baker. Also at Rooks I got to recommend one of my favourite hip hop albums Deltron 3030. I also contributed fun links to awesome online round-ups featuring ponies in cardigans, “voodoo punk Marie Antoinette”-inspired makeup and pipe-cleaner-and-trinket-adorned tiaras! I even got a RT from Vivienne Westwood (the grande dame of British fashion) in relation to Rookie!

I made cupcakes.


My debut feature for art and design magazine No Cure was published too—a 10-page spread on Brisbane rockers Violent Soho. They also interviewed me for a feature celebrating zine culture: Zines: How Freedom of Expression Went From Photocopier to Phenomenon.

One of my favourite bands PYYRAMIDS got me to write their bio. They’re actually previewing a new track – Do You Think You’re Enough? – from their upcoming record today.

And, my Jhonny’s Mystery School played a packed show in Brisbane! British ‘tastemaker’ Everett True was even in attendance and had something to say about the performance.

Drum roll please….da da da dum. Here are the most read interviews for January (click on the artists’ names for the full interview). I always get surprised (in a good way) with the stats and what’s a popular read. I love that my readers are so diverse! In fact CWB has had its most visitors yet!! A big welcome to all the new readers! :)

1. Heather Gabel & Matt Skiba

love_in_a-void_flyer - Copy

HG: For me I see love as unconditional, no judgement, full support and appreciation of another person. Pretty rare.

MS: Love is when you’re afraid to do something but you do it anyways. Oh wait…that’s courage. Love is Lou Diamond Phillips.

2. chase.dakota’s Sammi Burley

chase.dakota Palm Springs Holiday Choker


I love how with crystals, every piece is different and unique, so even if two people buy the same style necklace, they are still different. I also believe they bring positive energy when wearing them.

3. Miss Pussycat

Miss Pussycat

I was booking a Mardi Gras show at Pussycat Caverns and it was going to be with the Demolition Doll Rods and this band Quintron, who I had never met or I hadn’t even seen pictures of (it was before the internet). I was going to do this puppet show. I had this whole crazy puppet show about a sea monster. The cops came to that show and were like, ‘oh no! You can’t do this show.’ The neighbours complained. We waited for the police to leave. The Doll Rods didn’t play but Quintron did and I did a puppet show. It was just the most amazing, insane journey to the centre of the Earth Mardi Gras. To me Mardi Gras is our anniversary. Mardi Gras is intense. It’s spiritual and intense, beautiful, dangerous and crazy.

4. Minna Gilligan

Minna Gilligan

For me, being an artist is largely about being an observer, collecting and collating experiences in your mind that seem significant to you as an individual. I feel lucky to be an artist, to approach things from left of field, to have that ‘other’ space to let things breathe. I like how each work I make can carry a sentiment, an experience, and I can let this out to exist in the world like a song on the radio, entering people’s lives subtly but intimately.

5. Boys Boys Boys!

Boys Boys Boys

On stage wear has just gotta be as bright, colourful and fun as possible! I LOVE anything that sparkles, the sparklier the better! So lots of sequined tops, shiny, lycra pants and crazy sneakers. And lots of bling to top it off! Anything that makes you POP is a must. A girl’s gotta look her flyest on stage after all!

6. Nadia Buyse

Nadia Buyse by Maya Kiko Stoner

Music means a lot of things to me. First of all, it is a coded language that has esoteric roots but is universally understandable simultaneously. Secondly, it is a physical manifestation of the rhythmic patterns of life both visceral and surface. It imitates these rhythms and synthesizes them into something pleasurable. Feeling heart ache is a lot different than listening to the sound of someone’s heartache but it is relatable, as we will all feel that in our lifetime. Music is a constant in a world of inconsistencies. And on a more personal level I really felt music saved my life.

7. Mosterheart


I always had music around me, growing up. I always listened and sang… oh but the first song I recorded was, Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt n Pepa, when I was five on my little tape recorder—reeeeally inappropriate!

8. Rock n Roll Bride’s Kat Williams

Kat Williams + Rock n Roll Bride by Joanna Brown

I guess the key to an authentic and cohesive brand is just to be honest and genuine with your inspirations. My branding is VERY me so it’s actually really easy to be consistent with it – because the things I share and am inspired by are genuinely the things I love. If you try to be something you’re not or you try to emulate other people it’s just never going to work. Being yourself is much easier!

9. Louise Distras

Louise Distras by Wild Child Media (Mike Distras 2012)

Music is my saviour. It’s the only thing that ever keeps me awake at night and the only thing that gets me out of bed in the afternoon. It can make us feel happy or sad, it can empower us and give us hope. It’s a way of changing the world around us for the better. It’s a very powerful force and I believe it can definitely change the world.

10. Laura Mardon

Art by Laura Mardon

My New Year’s resolution is to less self-deprecating. I want to try and stick by that. I guess I should flip it really, I want more PMA. That’d be the PMA way to think about things, right?! Yeah, I want PMA all day.

I also LOVED chatting to The Gooch Palms and Dan Trolley!

I hope your New Year has gotten off to an amazing start! Remember, only you have the power to create the life you want…

Wishing a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis Juanita! Love you lots and lots and thank for being such a good friend and helping me with stuff that our mum can’t now because of her illness. It means the world to me.

Love & light,

I heart you