I LOVE Rookie!

I wish something like it existed when I was a teen. I’m certain it would have helped me to feel not so alone while facing the challenges and growth of my teen years. I’ve been a big fan of Rookie since it first went live last year, and previous to that, I adored (and still very much do) Rookie creator Tavi Gevinson’s blog, The Style Rookie.

Rookie has such creative, expressive, thoughtful and intelligent contributors, and readers (often the comments on a feature are just as insightful, important and eye opening as the article), and then there are the images! The art featured on Rookie makes me really, really happy. If I’m having a ‘meh’ kind of day, I can log on to Rooks and get lost in the imagination and wonder of beautifully crafted photos, illustrations, collages and the like. Rookie reminds me of the visual diaries I keep, full of inspiration and idea sparking loveliness.

I feel Rookie isn’t just for teenage girls, in fact, I’ve met a lot of adults who could definitely get something out of checking out Rookie! I’m of the belief that you can learn something from people of any age. It’s super important to share ideas and experiences between the generations.

Rookie Yearbook One cover

*Rookie Yearbook One – A 352 page collection of articles, interviews, photo editorials, and illustrations from Rookie’s first year. It comes with a flexi-disc featuring Supercute! and Dum Dum Girls.

These are a few of my favourite Rookie posts:

How to Not Care What Other People Think of You

 Thrifting: The Master Class

 Literally the Best Thing Ever: Frida Kahlo

Something Borrowed. An open-ended conversation about cultural appropriation.

How to Make a Zine. Zine-making isn’t about rules or knowledge; it’s about freedom and POWER.

Rock of Ages. How to organize an all-ages show.

Be Your Own Boss. Tips for starting a business.


*Rookie Calendar 2013 – photographs and artwork by Rookie staffers, and a hand-drawn calendar with room for notes.

Plus, there are also great interviews with interesting people:

Teenage Girls Assaulted by Wild Animals! An Interview With John Waters.

Magical Creature: An Interview With Francesca Lia Block.

Notes From a Revolution: An Interview With Roula Seghaier. A teenage activist talks to us about her role in the Arab Spring and everything after.

Embrace Your Ignorance: An Interview With Neil deGrasse Tyson. We talk to our favorite astrophysicist about the crazy new particle, and other stuff.

I hope you have fun checking out the awesomeness that is Rookie!

Peep this inspiring video featuring Rookie’s creator Tavi:

Now for some EXCITING news!

I’m now a contributor – a staff writer – for Rookie! When I first read the email from Tavi asking if I’d be interested in contributing to Rookie, I cried. I have so much respect and admiration for Rookie that I just couldn’t hold in the tears of joy. It’s a beautiful day when you get to write for one of your favourite publications, it’s the third time I’ve had the joy of experiencing this. The first time was with Brisbane street press Rave Magazine at the age of 18 (I went on to write for them for 15 years and interviewed bands and artists like Wild Flag, Sage Francis, The Charlatans, Kimya Dawson + more); the second was when I first got the opportunity to write for Rolling Stone magazine! I’m living proof that dreams do really come true…with a whole lot of hard work!

A super huge THANK YOU to Tavi, Anaheed, Phoebe, Lauren and all the fellow Rookie contributors that have welcomed me so warmly! Though there’s 1,000’s of miles physically between us, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Rookie + me = yay! :)

Follow your dreams,

I heart you