November for me is always a little reflective, being my birthday month and all. I tend to take stock of the things I have achieved in the year past, how I’ve grown and I start to think about all that I want to achieve in the next year and beyond. One of my favourite bloggers and designers, Shauna Haider, has some great advice on Setting Goals: Doing What You Love… Knowing what you want out of life is a really important thing to give thought to, as Shauna says, “If you don’t acknowledge what you want out of life, you’ll coast along, settling for what’s familiar and comfortable.” So, true—dream big (and put things into action) my friends!

Along with reflection and goal setting, I also like to take some time out and give thanks for all of the beautiful people that are in my life. I do this every morning and evening in meditation anyways but, I decided to also send out messages and write notes to let some of these folks know just how much they mean to me. Seriously, I am surrounded by the most positive, pro-active inspiring souls. I’m also super thankful for having the greatest parents anyone could ask for! Peep the gift Jhonny made for me…seriously one of the best presents anyone has ever given me.

And, how much fun is my new ‘magical’ glittery notebook! How cute is the sticker?! Kat from Team Kitten (who designed it) sent it to me when I ordered a little gift for a loved one from her etsy store. You know what makes my notebook magical? The ideas and thoughts I write down in it! I’ve always been an avid notebook hoarder and enthusiast.

New Mystery School tees were printed too in November featuring a design of mystic H.P.Blavatsky. If you don’t know much about her peep my interview with author and founding Blondie member, Gary Lachman. He just wrote a book on HPB, which I’ve ordered and am patiently waiting for. Can’t wait to read it!

Mystery School played Dark Moon Pop-Up Art Space Exhibition Launch Party which was super fun!

November was slow on the interview and blogging front, by my own choosing. I only posted three times so it was really interesting to see in my site stats which features were the most read (see below). It was nice to see some older interviews getting love and interest.

Also, while (unsuccessfully) trying to make an interview with a Brisbane musician who I thought was rad happen, I was reminded of a valuable lesson too, resulting from (the below) situation I posted about on my fb:

Last night I was bummed out because of an email that I got from a local Brisbane musician. Months ago they said “yes!” to an interview so in my usual style I did lots of research, compiled a list of thoughtful questions, made sure I didn’t ask any of the same questions they’d been asked before, was mindful of things they’re passionate about etc. sent them off and then waited excitedly for their answers…two months later after no contact (despite me sending follow-up msgs) I am finally told that my questions are “very uninteresting…I can’t do it!” And now, this morning I wake up to an email from the singer of one of my favourite international bands asking me to write their new bio for them!! Lesson learned: don’t waste valuable time and energy worrying about those that don’t appreciate what you do and that don’t respect your time and effort…don’t give them another thought MOVE ON! ’cause more often than not, there is something much brighter and better right around the corner! PMA! :)

Here’s the list of’s most read for November (click the artists name to read the full interview):

1. Lady Cobra

Our stage shows are an all-out party with costumes, a dancing robot and a dirty magician. It gets pretty weird and we’re always coming up with new ideas to make it fun and crazy.

2. Fiona Horne

Picture this. Here I am in hospital, I’m really sick and I’m going to have this emergency surgery and someone emailed me saying that the January issue of Rolling Stone had a picture of me with my top off in it. I remember wondering what picture it could be…

3. Ali E

I have an old car – it’s called Pierre, pale yellow, with a coathanger antenna. Total dreamboat car. It’ll turn heads.

4. Punks on Vegetarianism & Veganism feature

I started hanging out with one of my punk friends and his family who were all vegetarian and I was slowly introduced to a whole new way of eating that felt completely natural to me. Becoming a vegetarian opened me up to a whole new world of food and tastes! I had never eaten capsicum, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, mangoes, blueberries, lentils and more until I became a vegetarian and started to learn more about different foods and their benefits to us.

5. Catherine Maddin

As a kid I was the only girl in this guitar class; some kid said I must be gay because of it. That’s about the extent of my negative experiences. I don’t really buy into the whole feminism thing with music. It is your own choice to take on board perhaps being pin pointed or gawked at for being a female on stage. The reality is that playing and watching music is an incredibly visceral experience on both the musician and the audience’s part, and it can have a great deal sexiness to it, it’s something that undeniably exists.

6. Catcall

I write sketch comedy as a hobby, I got into it a couple of years ago and then went to study sketch and improv at Second City Chicago for a couple of weeks in 2010. Tina Fey and Billy Murray went to Second City.

7. Shmoe

There is just soooooo much music and art around the LA area. There are bands that come here to get famous, there are bands that have lived here their entire lives. It’s kind of just madness. It makes it really hard to stand out when just about everyone has a band or knows someone with a band. But the good thing with that is that it’s very diverse. If you like surf rock, there are a ton of bands that play that style, if you like punk there are 45 billion bands that play that, if you like indie 800 million bands sound that way. It’s a blessing and a curse really because some bands are just awful and people tend to not take you seriously when you say you play in a band. They’re just like “oh yea? you and everyone else here.”

8. Deathproof PR

 We were both scheduled to drive Mike Patton around for his onground promotional duties while he was in town with Tomohawk. Onground promo is generally incredibly daunting. You have to maintain a friendly chit chat with the artist/s in your passenger seat while simultaneously chucking Hook Turns in the CBD, avoiding speeding tickets and pedestrians, finding convenient parking, touching base with media and keeping to a tight schedule. Bec confided in me that she was terrified of her upcoming press day with Mike. The car she had to transport him in was a manual and she’d never driven one in her life, which just adds to the hilarity, really. We were in hysterics envisaging the headlines wherein Mike Patton’s publicist had stalled the promo car in a busy Sydney intersection and killed this epic rock star.

9. Peggy Noland

How it happened was I was at my store one day working the store and Kianna from Tilly & the Wall came in. She was dating one of my friends. We had an instant connection cosmically as far as what we were aesthetically into and as far as the type of people that we were. We’re still friends to this day. She took some of my clothes with her on tour. It was the first tour Tilly & the Wall did with CSS. It was really amazing for me because that was never part of my plan. I don’t think I even knew who CSS were before they went on tour with Tilly & the Wall. Lovefoxxx was short some clothes and Kianna had a tonne of my clothes with her and sent me an email asking if I’d mind if she’d pass some of them on to Lovefoxxx. CSS at the time were already huge and I thought, oh my god! Are you kidding?! Sure. That’s amazing. That’s how Lovefoxxx and my relationship got started. It was incredible and encouraging, it was complete happenstance that it all happened. Right place, right time I think for everybody.

10. Laura Rebel Angel

I am fortunate to be surrounded by a talented group of self-made women and friends in NYC who inspire me daily. They each have basically created their own force of industry and have excelled in their respective niches. One of my dear friends Bettina May, who is also my Dollsville, NYC cover girl, just has such an amount of social grace and positivity that I strive for. She has created an industry teaching women how to be empowered and beautiful starting on the inside and giving them the tools to radiate that beauty outwards. I also really respect my friend Gala Darling, who is a blogger and self-made woman who based her success on empowerment, visualization and radical self-love. She continues to strive to create a positive movement for young women.

I saw November out, by seeing live for the first time, in my opinion, one of the best bands on the planet—Bosnian Rainbows—play in my hometown. I adore their unique new romantic prog sounds.

I was also approached by two editors that I have the utmost respect for about writing for their publications. I cannot wait to let you know more details! I can hardly contain my excitement! I get approached to write for a lot of places but I consciously made the decision a little while back to only write for publications that I believe in and can wholeheartedly get behind. My time is too valuable and I care about my craft and work too much to waste time, energy and effort on work for folks that don’t treat their readers, Creatives they chat with and their own contributors thoughtfully with respect and as intelligent human beings. I’m also in the process of doing my first collaborative interview, interviewing an artists with another writer whose work I love! Rising to new challenges is exciting!

Speaking of exciting, I have lots of exciting interviews on the way for this month! Be sure to check back so you don’t miss out!

Love & sparkles,


*Photo credits: Teri + me and Mystery School tees by Jhonny, notebook pic by me. Check individual interviews for other credits.