September was pretty darn cool. I went to a great show at Brisbane all-ages venue, The Waiting Room and discovered one of my new favourite bands: The Gooch Palms. The energy of this duo is compelling—a joyful explosion and oh so much fun! They play a kick ass Ozzy Osbourne/Ramones mash-up live. At the same show, I met the wonderful folks from The Time Machine (they sell vinyl records, comics/books/magazines, posters, toys, collectables, vintage clothing, antiques/nostalgia and heaps more) who had a stall there. Through TTM I was also introduced to the Sunshine Coast Zine Institute who champion DIY culture, Zineography, Stencilism and Pasteupathy. All great people doing pro-active, positive things!

Speaking of zines I also released, Conversations with Punx #8 ‘Peace’ this month.

I sat down for tea and chats with the co-founding directors – Emma Milikins, Jolie Hertzberg and Mariam Arcilla – of Rabbit + Cocoon (a creative precinct on the Gold Coast that provides spaces and resources for the creation, showcase and marketing of projects and businesses) to get an insight into all the exciting projects they have on the go…Miami Marketta – a monthly arts, fashion and food bazaar; The Shed – a coffee hub serving delicious light meals, coffee and tea; Rabbit Radio – the city’s first independent progressive radio station; and Studios UpLATE – a twilight open studios and networking event. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview we did about all things R+C. In the meantime, they need your support.

Also, artist Michelle Agius reached out to tell me about the upcoming Darkmoon pop-up art space event/exhibition that’s coming up next month she is organising. Dark Moon is a contemporary art space on the Gold Coast that provides an intimate and friendly vibe for local independent established and emerging artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers and craftspeople to display and sell their work. It all kicks off Saturday, October 13 at The Ambiance Building, The Esplande, Burleigh Heads. They’re still looking for submissions so get creative and get in touch. Spread the word. Excitingly Mystery School will be playing a set. Come hang with me and Jhonny, see some rad art, zines, music and have maximum fun! It’s the first show J has played in almost a year due to ongoing challenges with his condition Fibromyalgia. It means a lot to me when he plays shows because some days the chronic pain from his condition doesn’t even allow him to strum a guitar, or pick up a pencil to draw or even hold a book up to read—tasks most people take for granted.

September saw me join the Tym Guitars Record Club too! The club is limited to 100 members worldwide and each month releases 7” vinyl split singles of unique, awesome bands. First release came out this week featuring: The Nation Blue/Turnpike. For more info go here: Tym Records.

What else? I went and saw one of my all-time favourite Australian bands Regurgitator play their records Tu Plang and Unit back-to-back in a mammoth set. They were supported by the interesting and challenging Indonesian band Senyawa and guests from China, Hedgehog (who reminded me of Sonic Youth). And, I must say, I totally disagree with this reviewer’s observation of the Regurgitator song Mañana being ‘totally forgettable’. For me and many in the room, this was a highlight. It’s a shame too that there was no mention of the visiting supports in the report…one would think it would make sense to talk about bands visiting from countries like Indonesia and China. How many bands do you know from those places? What do you know about the music and arts communities there? I want to know more. Don’t you?

The following is what was most read around these parts this month:

1. Hopeless Lingerie designer Gabrielle Adamidis: “…it is okay to talk about sex.”
2. Kira Puru & the Bruise Songstress: “Lana Del Rey 4evs!”
3. Punk Promoter, Band Manager & DIY Designer Lauren Confos: “Punk to me means being yourself and accepting people for who they are.”

4. Los Angeles Musician Clementine Creevy: Rookie Magazine, Grimes & Butts
5. Author Jessica Dainese: “There was no book talking about the women in the history of Italian punk or rock music. Like they never existed…I decided to write one.”
6. Outright’s Jelena Goluza talks: Dedication, Reason and Rage & PMA

7. Brisbane-based Artist Sarah Hickey: “I always searched for a reason to create – I now know for me it’s based in spirituality…”
8. Midnight Creepers’ frontwoman Celene Skullz: Helter Skelter, Courtney Love & Being A Promoter
9. NY Record Producer Don Fury: “I still have an ethic that reminds me of the streets of New York, back in the day…We will always make true records with lots of heart and energy.”
10. Post-Feminist Dreamers Agent Ribbons: “they banned us for ten years. It was a pretty extreme punishment!”

Two interviews that didn’t make the Top 10, due to being the most recently posted interviews I suspect, that you might also like to peep is: Detroit rockers Death and insightful writer Gary Lachman of Blondie!

And lastly, to finish up the month of September I’ll be seeing Dreamtime play some Psychedelic jams this afternoon at Brisbane’s Powerhouse.

October is shaping up to be another full, big month for CWB. There’s interviews coming from: Mother & Son,  Mystic Knights of the Cobra, Deathproof PR, Rolling Stone Australia editor Matt Coyte and many, many more!

What’s been happening in you world? Tell me exciting things! Any rad bands I should know about? Any cool shows to go to?

With love,