I find Innez Tulloch super inspiring. The creative powerhouse plays in four rockin’ bands – Tiny Spiders, Pastel Blaze, Feathers and Roku Music. She also does sound at venues around Brisbane and DJ duties on 4ZZZ radio; one day she’d love to start making her own instruments and pedals. I highly recommend getting along to see Innez in action with Tiny Spiders launching their 12” record this Friday (August 3) at The Waiting Room.

First off, tell us a little about each of the bands that you’re in: Tiny Spiders, Feathers & Pastel Blaze (have I missed any?). How would you describe the mood of each band? What significance does each band have to you?

INNEZ TULLOCH: Tiny Spiders is myself and Cameron Smith, we play fuzzed out space rock or something like that. It’s messy yet catchy. It was once described to me as Ritalin kids on sparkling water, which is kind of apt. Tiny Spiders was started as a way to explore more of the weirder elements of rock or indie and work on different approaches to song-writing It’s a different experience writing with only two people in a rock outfit, you have to be more daring in your approach to try to cover all the bases.

Feathers is made with Michelle Brown, Helena Papageorgiou and Susan Milanovich. I had always really loved Feathers so when Michelle asked me to take over bass duties I was really excited. Feathers have this special way of making warm, dreamy, pop songs that flirt with goth, psych, surf and western (like ennio morricone western) and make you feel like going on a never ending holiday or something.

Pastel Blaze was started with my sister Ili Tulloch around 2.5 years ago and we asked Lisa Dully to sing for us, we’ve been through two brilliant drummers and have recently had Caroline Charles join the band. To me Pastel Blaze is about having an awesome time, and blazing people’s faces off. We wear glitter and bright colours to generally have fun and bum the punks out haha. Originally we started as there was a distinct lack of women around playing music in the punk community so we thought we’d give it a shot and have fun doing so.

Roku Music is my boyfriend Donnie Miller and myself. He runs a studio called Nowhere Audio and we have a rehearsal space set up in the house so whenever we have spare time we’re generally working on Roku Music. We’ve played a few shows where we improvised or wrote the songs on the day, but we’re working on a record at the moment which will solidify the direction we take. Roku Music’s mood changes frequently, however we tend to meld between psych, noise, shoe-gaze, and drone throwing in some hazy rock n roll to level it all out. We are just starting out so I’m sure as time goes on our sound will become more refined. At the moment it’s more about writing together and figuring out our different approaches to writing and recording and seeing what we come up with.

How did you first get into music?

IT: My parents were always playing records or attending parties where their friends bands would be playing so I think an interest was always there in some way. But the first tape I remember really loving was a Nat King Cole tape, probably cause I would sing along with my gran or something. A couple of years later my uncle took me to the record store he worked at and I started to gradually develop a more modern taste for an 8 year old. We also had Gem on tape, and Ili was obsessed with Mariah Carey so we’d sing along to Music Box, and we lost it over Deep Forest. I guess you could say I was always excited about music regardless of what it was, whether it was serious, ridiculous, artistic or nostalgic, I always found something interesting and enjoyable.

Who or what inspired you to pick up an instrument?

IT: I was a little competitive with my sister when I was young so when she started to get piano lessons I bugged my parents until they gave in to let me have a go. So yeah I guess being a bit of a brat got me into music. Also my uncles played in bands and we had lots of creative influences as children so I think that pushed me to want to be involved in some way.

What instrument do you enjoy playing most and why? Are you self-taught?

IT: It varies from day to day. I really love piano, keyboards and synths, but I rarely play them as I don’t have a piano at the moment (too hard to move when your share-housing all the time!) and my synth is out of action. I love picking up a guitar and bass and either shredding or noodling around in an attempt to improve and every now and then I attempt to play drums. I am really lucky as we have a room dedicated to recording and rehearsing so there is generally a drum kit set up or amps/guitar/or an organ ready to be turned on. In terms of schooling I attended classical piano lessons until I was about 16, learnt cello at school for around 5 years, and have had the odd lesson for bass. With guitar I have really just tried to learn off the people around me. I would really like to get guitar, vocal and piano lessons again one day but at the moment I just don’t have the time! I am currently in my last semester of a Bachelor of Music at QUT (majoring in production) so I’m still learning about music just without the formal instrument lessons I guess.

Why is music important to you?

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