Giant Drag

“I’m pretty convinced that I am psychic, only musically. I just sit down and sometimes a song will just come out in full.” ~Annie Hardy (read our in-depth interview)

Def Wish Cast

Australian hip hop pioneers still rockin’ as hard as ever.


“There’s nothing like music to elevate you out of the confines of your mind and to make you feel like you just disappear.” ~Ben Ely (read our chat here)

Army of Champions

A band from my hometown Brisbane that’s inspired by Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls, The Descendents and Against Me! They recently released their new record.


I’ve been waiting for this one! Outright are one of my all-time favourite Australian hardcore bands, fronted by the charismatic, passionate and fierce front-lady Jelena (read our chat). This new release is mastered by the legendary Don Fury!

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