HI MY NAME IS ELINE ADAM. I’m in the Belgium band Little Trouble Kids. We like to call our music noisepop. Recently we’ve been into the music of Cat Stevens -Tea For The Tillerman. For some reason, I can sing along with almost every song. I asked my mother about it, and apparently she had the vinyl when I was a baby (or at least very little), so maybe on a subconscious level, Cat Stevens is my first (musical) memory although, I didn’t know it until now. I first wanted to play music because my brother pushed me. He’s 6 years older than me and wanted to have a rock band. For his ultimate rock band, he wanted a female bass player like Kim Deal, D’arcy or Kim Gordon—he wanted me to be that girl. I started to play bass, he started doing something else. My musical hero is David Bowie because he’s so versatile, he always made extremely intelligent fun and adventurous music; he made people dream with his persona and his music—he created worlds. Sometimes I’m a bit pissed at bands who look like the guys-next-door, although we’re not so flamboyant either. Our music is inspired by our everyday life. It’s our way of dealing with everything. We’re a little bit sensitive, and that’s just the perfect way to make us sane. We write music in our house, when we don’t have to do our regular day jobs. Just on the sofa together. Playing live shows for me is my most outspoken me, a place where I can (or must) go nuts and spit out everything I don’t dare to say or to be in normal live. It feels great! We play a lot live in Belgium and the Netherlands. My favourite song to sing live depends on the mood I’m in, but there really isn’t a clear winner. I like to sing Feed On Love, our new single, because it’s a bit romantic and we have done that a lot. The song by another artist I would love to lay claim to is Everyday by Buddy Holly, it’s the most perfect pure pop song ever made, and that’s something I would like to make. Our latest release is Adventureland, a trip down our head (ha ha) we recorded it with Micha Volders (you really should check out Vermin Twins), Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, Eagles of Death Metal) and our own mixer Jan Stoop in the Ardennes in Belgium. We locked ourselves up (no phone, no internet) and just recorded the stuff we had. We’re a bit no-nonsense. Adventureland is about how we look at the Belgian music scene today. The music community where we live (Ghent, Belgium) is a small student town, with a lot of bars where they play live music. I think in the city you can see free concerts every day and that’s really great. When we were still studying we always hung out in these bars, everybody played in at least one band. So there is a really vibrant music scene in Ghent and definitely also in Antwerp, but as a Belgian band, it’s really hard to get out of your city and go abroad. When I’m not creating music I do a lot of stuff for the band. I make all the artwork and videos, I made little ‘velt’ puppets. Thomas (Werbrouck, Little Trouble Kids’ other half) is a writer. We both deejay.  I work as a volunteer guide in a museum; it’s called the Doctor Guislain Museum. It’s a museum about the history of psychiatry and ‘outsider’ art, it’s located in the oldest (and still working) psychiatry in Belgium. For me, it’s a getaway place in the city of Ghent, really pretty and restful, you’re surrounded by art and crazy people. One day we would like to move to the country, have a house with our own studio and a big swimming pond, and I want a donkey (a silent donkey). Currently we’re touring with our new album (we just came back from a tour with dEUS in Eastern Europe) and are slowly beginning to work on new material. I also just bought a piano. We just want to make music we like, that’s really the only project we ever worked on.

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*Photos courtesy of Little Trouble Kids’ facebook.