I used to go see Kellie’s band Screamfeeder play when I was in my teens, along with bands like Powderfinger, Custard and (my favourites) Fur. Kellie was one of the first local female musicians I ever saw play, it was definitely inspiring. I was stoked when Rolling Stone Australia’s editor asked if I wanted to interview Kellie about her solo endeavour.  Her album Magnetic North is simply put, in a word, beautiful. It has a honesty and vulnerability coupled with a lifetime of experience that makes it a captivating, engaging, heartfelt listen.

Screamfeeder’s Kellie Lloyd Strikes Out On Her Own

Finds her voice, independence and strength on second LP

On December 1st Last year, Brisbane indie stalwarts Screamfeeder celebrated their 20th Anniversary by playing a show in their home city. They did so knowing it might be their last time on stage together; drummer Dean Shwereb is relocating to the U.K. indefinitely. “We played for two hours,” tells Lloyd, “Tim [Steward, frontman] jumped in the crowd and was hugging everybody. It felt like a really important piece of time.”

As serendipity would have it the week the Screamfeeder door closed Lloyd opened another launching “Your Heart Is A Hunter” as the first single from new solo effort Magnetic North. Originally titled Holding Patterns “because I felt both the album and I had been in a holding pattern,” Lloyd admits it took some time to come to where she is at now. “These songs are more grown up,” she muses.

Confessing that 2009 found her with writer’s block and deciding to quit all musical commitments with her bands White Mansions and Warm Guns (“Screamfeeder wasn’t too active at the time”), Lloyd felt liberated in deciding to focus on a day job. “I’ve been in bands since I was 15. It was nice to have my nights and weekends back!” Another long held pattern of drinking was also broken. “I used to drink heavily. Being in a band and touring, what do you do after soundcheck? Have a drink! Giving up drinking gave me a new clarity.”

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