How did he come to join your family?

LC: Oh he is the sweetest. He is a Scottish Fold cat which is why he has a very round face and body and the tiny little folded ears. Scottish Fold are an extremely sweet and intelligent breed. I know Mia Farrow and her son and I was staying with them for Thanksgiving and that’s when I met Basil. Mia Farrow is just an amazing person and she is constantly traveling for her charity work, I believe she is now in Africa again. She dedicates every waking minute to getting word out about all these human rights atrocities that are out there. Because of all the work she does she unfortunately wasn’t hoe so much and this little cat, this little sweetheart, needs attention and love. It started by me cat-sitting him. He came to live in my apartment and then he went back to live in her place for vacation and whatnot. In the end we bonded so well, I was really the cat’s mother. They had a big family table discussion about Basil and they came to the decision that the best thing for him would be if he came and stayed with me because she was always traveling. I would have made the same decision if it came to a point where it would be better for him. You always have to make the right decision for the cat. He is fantastic to have around. He is a really big part of the work and he make me and everyone else very happy!

Is Mia an inspiration for you?

LC: Oh yes! Definitely. She is also someone that while being in the entertainment world has done so much more. If you meet her you can tell that she is just one of the most caring and compassionate people out there.

Have you learned anything significant from her?

LC: It is incredible to see the dedication that she has. She is constantly thinking, how can I help the world? What can I do? Her Twitter motto is: I’m trying. I think that’s great. If everyone put in a little more effort and try to think about what you can do to make the world a better place… every little effort helps and makes a difference no matter how small.

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