I know a lot of extremely talented crafty, arty ladies and I’m a lover of beautiful, unique, make-you-stand-out things. I also love decorating my home with things that make me smile and images that evoke emotion, create mood and that make my home a little Shangri-La way from the world. I decided to put together a little list of things ( featuring such bright, beautiful items as the Wheel of Life art print by Team Kitten – pictured above) that have been rocking my world this year. While ‘having stuff’ and accumulating things isn’t very high on my priority list – I’ll choose awesome experiences any day over material possessions – I do love to surround myself with lovely quality pieces that outwardly expresses my personality and loves to the world. I love decorating myself and living space! I hope you enjoy it. Support independent businesses and artists!

 Rings by Lotus Medes

 Handmade Candy Apple Red Blossom Bobbypin Set by Honey + Hive (Check out my interview with H+H’s Kaelah HoneyBee)

Earrings by Snatch N Feathers

Baby Blue Flowers with Lilac Accents Soft Cup Bra by Purrfect Pineapples (cruelty-free lingerie)


Latex Bows by Abigail Greydanus (Check out my interview with Abi)

The Sayang Purse from LoKoa (Check out my interview with LoKoa’s Brie)


Glimmer & Shimmer by Foxes Cosmetics (Check out my interview with Foxes creator Tina De La Celle)


Handmade Beauty by Diva Zappa Knit Art creations (Check out my interview with Diva)

Crystal Love Necklace by chase.dakota (Check out my interview with c.d creator Sammi)

Betsey Johnson Panther Watch

Woman with White Cross 2 Art by Heather Gabel

A is For Arsenic Taxidermia Collection necklace

Klub Kid Vintage Fanny Packs (Check out my interview with KKV’s Ramdasha)

Lady Alchemy Elektra Cuffs (Check out my interview with LA’s Erin Lee)


MYOB Rest In Peace Pyramid Earrings from Patricia Field

Velvet Pins Sweet Poncho (Check out my interview with VP co-creator Catherine Maddin)

 The Art of Carolina Echeverri (Check out my interview with Carolina)

 What treasures have been rocking your world this year?

 Wishing you all Happy Holidays!