Lo-fi dream-pop shoegazing grunge psych band Sneakpeek from Los Angeles is another great find. Featuring members of The Willowz. They’re currently working on their debut EP. Expect to hear a whole lot more from them next year. Frontwoman Dora Hiller was awesome enough to answers some questions…

Before you started Sneakpeek you were in an all-girl folk band but decided to quit, what inspired that decision?

I think ultimately I wanted to try out writing songs that were my own and start a band with my boyfriend Aric and our two best friends Mike and Aaron.

How did you first come to music?

Singing and performing has always been a big part of my life but I didn’t start playing in bands until after high school.

How did you learn to play guitar and then later on bass? Who or what inspired you to pick them up?

I actually learned bass first and then guitar. My brother bought me my first bass and Aric really encouraged me to start playing seriously.

You work for a vintage clothing company; I wanted to ask you how you would describe your style?

I am obsessed with the 1970s; polyester leisure dresses and anything Gunne Sax by Jessica Clintock. I also love the 40s and 90s floral cotton pieces because they are cute and comfortable.

What do you wear on stage?

Something that I can move around in that looks pretty.

How important is your stage outfit to you?

It’s definitely important to wear something you feel confident in but most of the time I go for practical instead of restrictive.

What are your off stage outfits like?

Pretty much dresses, tights and boots.

Who are your style icons and what is it about them you love?

The early twentieth century Gibson Girls for their ethereal beauty. I’m also very fond of the 60s French New Wave actresses such as Anna Karina and Brigitte Bardot for their charming sophistication.

What do you do creatively when you’re not creating/playing music?

To be honest, whenever I have free time, it goes towards something Sneakpeek related. We are still recording the EP so that takes up a lot of time, energy, thought and effort.

How far off is the Sneakpeek EP? Can you tell me a little about its creation?

We are finishing up now. We’ve had do redo some things but overall we have grown so much since we started recording. Everything is sounding awesome. We are excited to share it with the world.

Tell me about your latest projects?

Well for now our main project is to finish the record. But we hope to visit Australia soon!

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*Photo credit: Lauren Ward