Western Australia band Boys Boys Boys! are indeed an exciting find! Every aspect of them is super, super fun! Influenced by CSS, the B-52s and Le Tigre they’ve definitely become a new favourite! Members Koko and Bridget answer my Qs while Nelly is on holidays overseas lounging in pools!

What do you wear on stage?
Koko: On stage wear has just gotta be as bright, colourful and fun as possible! I LOVE anything that sparkles, the sparklier the better! So lots of sequined tops, shiny, lycra pants and crazy sneakers. And lots of bling to top it off! Anything that makes you POP is a must. A girl’s gotta look her flyest on stage after all!

Bridget: Anything I can scrounge from the wardrobe that passes the smell test. It gets more ticks the more outrageous it is and less stains it has on it.

How important is your stage outfit to you?
Koko: Our music is super energetic, so dressing up to the max, so that you feel like a pop star, is important ha ha. The crazier and funner you dress, the more crazy you wanna perform onstage. I really enjoy creating the aesthetic for the band—it’s one of the funnest parts! It’s not every day you get to wear the crazy things we do when we play, so we might as well go nuts! Plus we LOVE lycra!

Bridget: Not important because I know if I rock up a mess Koko can sort me out.

Make-up-wise what’s your onstage must?
Koko: Tons of pink/sparkly eye shadow, a trusty foundation, sweatproof mascara and GLITTER.

Bridget: Lipstick that doesn’t smudge too much because after the mic gets all up in my face I can end up with it everywhere that’s a bummer.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?
Koko: Me and my girlfriends like to get together, bring ALL our nail polish colours and give each other ‘ghetto nails’ as we call them, with lotsa crazy patterns. I also love a nice, fruity moisturizer for after showers, so you smell fresh and sweet, mmm…

Bridget: I like to get massages. All the time. I even like the ones in the shopping centres that the masseuse is talking on the phone in another language whilst rubbing you. I love them.

What are your offstage outfits like?
Koko: My wardrobe is outta control right now! I have a huge mix of clothing styles, plus a WHOLE section dedicated to just sequin wear for onstage. I go by whatever I’m feeling on the day really. I could go for hip hop flavor with an oversized rapper tee, African print leggings and high-top sneakers. Or if i want to dress up a lil’ more, I could go indi with a bowler hat, bow tie, high waisted jeans and brogues. I LOVE clothes!! Ha ha.

Bridget: Less outrageous. I really like wearing jumpers that your mum would have worn in the 80s. I’m not looking forward to summertime I don’t want to let them go.

Who are your style icons?
Koko: Anyone who likes to makes things larger than life and really push boundaries with their fashion. Designers like Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood. Celebrities such as M.I.A, Uffie, Gwen Stefani, Gaga, Kanye West, Yolandi Vi$$er, Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson and Prince. Gosh I love Prince!

Bridget: I like Zooey Deschanel for bringing back the girl next door. She is flawless and beautiful. Other than her I’d have to say Koko she’s the most stylish gal I’ve ever met.

What do you do creatively when you’re not creating/playing music?
Koko: If i get any free time at all, I also like to sketch or write. Or even a bit of sewing, to work on those special fashion pieces.

Bridget: I’m a photographer by trade so you can usually find me retouching brides and bands in 80s mum’s jumpers.

What makes your musical style different?
Koko: Our live show is pretty different to any other bands, because we mix the elements of a pop show like Britney Spears with a rock show too. The funnest, most original aspect to our show, is that we have choreographed dance moves for almost all our songs. And we’re really not afraid to look like dorks too! Our music is like a hyperactive kid on red cordial! Weeeee….

Bridget: I think it’s different because it’s unashamedly pop and fun. It is what it is and it doesn’t try to be anything else. I have never seen another band like us. I’ve seen a lot of bands that look and sound amazing but never seem to be having any fun and I find that less interesting to watch. I like it when a band tries to perform even if that means they come across as big dorks. That’s why our style is different. No one is covering that “dork market”.

Have you ever encountered sexism within the music community?
Koko: Sexism? Hmm… only a little bit. We haven’t had any truly bad experiences with it. It’s more funny than anything. Some guys in the biz will just assume that we’re weakling girls who can’t help with carrying the gear. But then we will jump right in and move the heavy stuff too, and boy are they surprised ha ha!

Bridget: Not really. Not in our little community. It’s all love.

How do you deal with the haters?
Koko: In this biz there will always be someone that doesn’t dig what you’re doing, and that’s fine. Everybody is different. But haters are still no fun. I’ve learnt just to brush it off, and focus on the good things, like all the people who you make smile and party like they don’t have a care!

Bridget: I never read anything negative, I’m of the opinion that if you haven’t got anything nice to say you shouldn’t say it. People who are haters have flaws of character and I think their words say more about them than they do of us. That said we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I respect that too.

Tell me about your latest projects.
Koko: Our next plans are to finish recording our second album, make it super awesome! Make another amazingly rad video clip, keep playing gigs and to keep having HEAPS of fun!

Bridget: At the moment we are working on pre-production for our second album. It’s a pretty annoying part of making a record. I way prefer playing but it has to be done. Pretty soon we will be working on a clip to follow up Ticky Boom and tracking our record which is way more exciting! Woop!

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*Photo credits: BBB live by Chantel Concei