Today’s Hip Hop Insight:

“Personally, I don’t like it [mainstream hip hop] and I can’t listen to it all. I can’t stand it but I do have to give respect to the artists that are mainstream because they actually made their dreams come true—I respect that. I can’t stand it but I can’t knock these emcees for their hustle in fulfilling and making their dreams come true.

“I think I see real hip hop coming back to the mainstream. With me being signed to a major label [Ill Flow/Universal Records] I’m going to put all my effort and energy into making that happen—me, Masta Buildas, E.S.F.; all of us.

“My biggest dream – I’m somewhat living my dream now – it’s becoming reality, I can’t believe this is really happening! I’ve worked my way from the ground up to be honest.

“Eight years ago I decided to go by the name ‘Apakalypse’ which means that I would reveal the truth through my aggressive rhyme style and patterns, that I would somewhat spit positive knowledge and truth in my rhymes but at the same time I don’t want to make it sound soft. To come hardcore with it and my true feelings through aggression and my music is pretty much what I have contributed [to hip hop] in the sense of waking people up out of their mental slumber.

“At the end of the day you can have a job working and make all the money in the world but then when it’s your time to leave the body and go on to the next world, the next dimension, what do you really give back to the world? What do you really leave behind? I feel me leaving my music behind – which there is a lot of it – I leave something for humanity and mankind to listen to; to like or dislike it; to grow from it for hundreds of years to come hopefully.”

Apakalypse is one of the most prolific emcees and producers that I know! Since finding his music a few years back I’ve seen him put out a steady [Ill]flow of amazing high quality art – have a listen for yourself: download Apakalypse’s The Ascension EP for FREE! Apak was recently signed to Ill Flow/Universal Records and is hitting Europe soon for a tour with Beast 1333.

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*Photo credits: 1- Pedro Mayorga / 2 / 3 – Cassie Kazilla Williams