What is your personal favourite thing about the new record, La Liberacion?
That’s a very hard question to answer, I love the record and every day I find something new to like, I really love the whole feel of it, I think it shows many colours and stays true to itself, it’s a crazy good combo. I really love that when I think of it, it makes me think of the colour red.

As well as playing music you also take photos, can you tell me about your aesthetic? Is there anything that you always look for?
Well, I guess I look for people in their environment and the relationship between people, places and themselves. I also enjoy looking for places that have the presence of something or someone even if no one is on the picture. It’s all about people and maybe ultimately all about myself. My favourite lens are the 28mm so I can get real close and still have what’s around them. But I see different paths on the work, there’s the more romantic hazy one and then there’s the more aggressive harsh flash on mode one.

What significance does photography have for you?
Photography is such a mystery, I mean, it is not reality at all, but uses reality, so I love that, it’s almost like creating an object out a real thing that does represent some true but not reality. It’s so powerful and I love the process of taking photos, I wouldn’t want to paint, for example, photos just feel more agile, it’s almost like hunting.

What do you do to nurture your creativity?
I listen to music every day, when I feel really uninspired I watch something like “Chungking Express”, some real good eye candy movie like that. Go see a good show, read something, anything. I also went to art school, I really love to look at art, it always gets me so high when I have an amount of time to hang around good art because I it feels like floating. I also like to be alone and quiet sometimes, and then hang around with productive people.

As a creative person what is one of the most important things to you?
Space and time. HAHA. I mean, silence and being alone and knowing you can be somewhere and no one will interrupt you so touring and creating is very hard for me.

I’ve read online that you have a keen interest in Astrology!
I love astrology; I’m almost obsessed with it. My mom is a bit into it and then when I was a teenager I started just reading and observing and the more I read and the more I observed, the more it made sense so I love it, I think it’s absolutely real, I even remember more what sigs people are than countries they’re from.

And lastly, what is something that amazes you?
My bandmates. Being alive.

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