You’ve also mentioned that seeing Madonna’s Girlie Show live when you were 10-years-old was really important to you. Why was it so important to you?
You really did your homework! Yes, it’s funny because it was after “Justify My Love” was released that I became more of a Madonna fan, I was a Beatle-maniac as a kid and then my cousin was a Madonna fan and then when “Justify My Love” came out she started being all judgmental and saying she was disappointed in Madonna and I felt completely in love with the whole thing. I think I was around 8 and it made me believe that the world was so big and wide that you could look like and do whatever you wanted to and it made me feel more peaceful and hopeful, like there were worlds behind the superficial world and then she released “Erotica” and I was a total fan of that phase of hers. Michael Jackson was also touring Brazil at the time and my mom made me choose so I chose Madonna and I don’t regret it at all because even tho MJ is dead, that Madonna from 1993 is also dead and I think that show made me like pop culture more, made me think that music can be entertainment and go to a different layer, like performance, it’s not just about the songs, it’s about this entire show, so ultimately made me like music more. I have a love for pop because of those things. That show was so much fun!

CSS have gone through extensive periods of touring over the years, how have you grown as a musician on the road?
I think you always grow. A song will always be endless, you can play the same song over and over again and you will always learn something new, I think we all got more comfortable with calling ourselves musicians and looking back and being like “if I was able to do this much I can do more”, so I feel like I grew for sure.

Have you ever encountered sexism in your musical travels?
In Brazil we did a little and some small stuff but nothing really shocking or awful really. I never had a situation where it limited or interrupted something I was doing.

CSS moved back to São Paulo after spending a lot of time abroad. Previously you’ve mentioned that ‘I think Brazil is still a very sexist country’ could you please elaborate on that a little?
I think I mentioned it earlier a little, well, it’s a Latin country, most Latin countries are sexist countries. For example, it’s very normal that a girl will be trash talked if she’s fat or ugly but a guy won’t. Or even a fat guy will call a fat girl fat or this kind of stuff. It’s also racist and homophobic but people are so hypocrite about it like they would say “no, I have a black friend” or “no, someone I know is gay” but then it’s very ok to call someone a faggot, to openly talk about women as objects and even to be a little racist on your commentary. The comedy shows always have sexist or homophobic jokes and I just find that so insulting, the only people allowed to make fun of the gays or blacks or even women for that matter are themselves and it shouldn’t be funny, as the word “gay” shouldn’t have a negative connotation but people are people and it was years and years of this so it’s not something you can expect to change from night to day, it’s one little thing after the other and thank god I started to see people protesting and speaking out loud about crimes and stuff that happen every day in Brazil. Even gay marriage is legal now in Brazil, so I think we are evolving.

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