My interview with Oakland punk duo Street Eaters just went live over at The interview accompanies an exclusive to Collapse Board FREE – yes I said FREE! – Secret Punk + Basement Pop Mixtape they have compiled for you to download. I was super excited when I heard it!! If you want some great new music to listen to please check it out – I super love the band Black Rainbow on it fronted by the kick arse lady Ivy Jean. Below is a snippet of my interview with Street Eaters’ Megan March and Johnny Geek, who both worked/volutnteered at the legendary punk mecca 924 Gilman Street… they chat about the DIY community, Gilman, basement shows, building community and the bands featured on the mix.

It’s important to recognize that there are so many ways to be involved with music outside of making the music itself including: making artwork, setting up shows, letting a band sleep on your floor, writing a zine or blog, putting out records, running a distro, volunteering at an all-ages space working the door, running the sound board, coordinating with neighborhood communities and city councils to get wider community support for art/music spaces, teaching your little sister to play the bass, making sure kids get home safe from shows, sharing booking contacts, going to shows and paying at the door so the touring band can buy enough gas to get to the next town, buying a record, watching a band even though there’s only five people in the room, women supporting each other instead of competing, and MAKING SURE EVERYBODY FEELS SAFE.

~Megan March

Street Eaters live:

For more Street Eaters.

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