Melbourne is renowned for its arts and music scene… here’s a mix of some bands/acts I’ve been digging of late:

Pow Pow Wow

For more Pow Pow Wow. You can check out my recent chat with PPW’s Ben Ely at Collapse Board.


For more Stranglehold.

Killbot Kindergarten

For more Killbot Kindergarten. I also interviewed frontlady Youka here.

Seedy Jeezus

For more Seedy Jeezus.

Wet Young Dolphin

For more Wet Young Dolphin.

Bits of Shit

For more Bits of Shit.

Johnnie & the Johnnie Johnnies

For more J&tJJ.

Ally Oop (featuring Noizebunny & Icepick)

For more Ally Oop.

Teeth & Tongue

For more Teeth & Tongue.

No Idea

For more No Idea.

National Airlines

For more National Airlines (this band also does a rad live cover of Lene Lovich’s Lucky Number!)

Enjoy & Share!