Today’s thought:

To me hip hop is the sound of the people. Everything on earth can be owned by others, property and so on can be owned by the system, the government or the machine NOT art though. Art is and should always be owned by the people and should always speak about and for the people. The grip of the machine has taken hold of most art forms though including music but it took a while until they did that to rap. ’90s rap was still the only weapon of the people… the only sound of the truth. When 2Pac died it stopped being that. I think one of the last REAL rap albums that ever came out was Killuminati! Not saying everything after that was fake, there have been releases by Nas, Common and others that were also about the people and not hypnotic music to brain wash the masses.

Since the ’90s all rap has been talking about is ass, tits, sex, whips, money, crack, drugs and so on. 90% of the rap fans don’t live like those rappers are claiming to live. Why do I have to buy an album costing ten bucks during a recession where everyone is broke to listen to a rapper tease me about how rich he is and how broke I am? Most rappers ain’t even getting paid like that no more by the way that’s all make believe. Most rappers ain’t selling that much and are getting robbed by their labels don’t get it twisted! All those sex songs and videos showing woman as objects and then they wanna claim Islam is oppressive to women? Come on now! When you see ancient pictures on temple walls in Egypt or South America or any ancient culture and you see a half-naked woman, you see a properly modestly elegantly dressed woman… The media is now using rap to make women think they will only be appreciated and paid attention to if they act and dress like sex slaves… like objects—Islam fights against this idea and that’s why they hate Islam so much in western media – because it frees humans from mental slavery while they want to keep us all slaved and objectified so they can keep making money off us as slaves! To me hip hop should come back to its original form and become a tool to fight the machine and free the people not to add more chains to the people!

~Rush (taken from the forth coming underground hip hop feature I’m working on…)

Rush operates Arab League Records and is part of the Egyptian hip hop trio Arabian Knightz. During the Egyptian uprising earlier this year AK recorded and released a track featuring hip hop queen Lauryn Hill (below). They’ve also worked with Wu-Tang Clan, 50 Cent and more.

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