Ben Ely is one of my favourite Australian musicians – he plays in Regurgitator (one of the best truly individual Australian bands ever!), Pangaea (a favourite in my adolescent years) and Pow Pow Wow (one of my favourite new bands I’ve heard all year).

 One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had playing music was with The Boredoms in the drum circle last year for the Melbourne International Arts Festival. They played The Forum with 10 drum-kits in a spiral. About halfway through the show I just disappeared; I just tripped out and I thought I went to sleep for about a minute. I didn’t astral travel or anything ridiculous but it just put me in a trance that I almost just opened my eyes and saw myself playing the drums. It’s like waking up from a sleep but you’re playing the drums. It was so weird. I think that’s why I get such a big kick out of playing music. Regurgitator always does that for me. If I’m feeling sick or down music is really quite nourishing.

 Read the complete interview and view footage of the drum-kit spiral at Collapse Board.

 Check out Ben’s new band Pow Pow Wow. PPW live footage here.


*Illustration by Emmanuel Hernaez