My in-depth conversation with Olympia-based musician-singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson has gone live over at my favourite music port Collapse Board… Her new record Thunder Thighs is really beautiful and honest (just like Kimya)… here’s a little sample of our chat:

I went to a retreat. I have a good friend and fellow musician called Pablo Das who is on the Thunder Thighs album who teaches Buddhist meditation and mindfulness. I went to a retreat he was leading and it was very helpful. I’ve always had books on my periphery or in my collection on Buddhism and I’d read them a little. I’m not a diehard, I don’t meditate every day but I do try to stay in the moment. It’s easy to slip out of that. It’s been helpful for me to have those ideas in my mind even though I’m not a full-on practitioner of those practices. When I’m doing some things I really look at where I’m at and what is in my immediate surroundings and what I am responding to. Am I staying present? It helps me be not as quite reactionary. I tend to be very … I can have something that can trigger me to freak out but then I realise that I’m responding to shit that happened 20 years ago and I feel like what is happening now can go the way of that. I’m not even reacting to something that’s actually happening. I try to stay in what’s going on and to allow myself to find some quiet and to be really forgiving to myself — that was one of the biggest things from the retreat that was most helpful to me. We did a self-forgiveness meditation and I was like ‘whoa!’.

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