I’ve spent a lot of my life on the Gold Coast in fact many of my favourite Australian bands/artists ever are from here! One of the first local bands I ever loved Fur were from the GC, as are other favourites including Blister (the first band I ever interviewed), Vicious, A Secret DeathMark Duckworth (his solo stuff is seriously AMAZING and super underrated! Plus I loved him in The Julian Date), the most excellent The DeathSet (see the last clip in the mix) had their humble beginnings here too and of course there’s my Jhonny (who has been a part of 40 independent releases – he inspires me more than anyone else ever!) Enjoy!


For more Bowser.

Kill The Apprentice

For more Kill The Apprentice.


For more Reichelt.


For more Ironbird.


For more Kwerkshoppe.

Jhonny Russell & the Mystery School

For more JR&tMS.

Operator Please

For more Operator Please.

The Cool Calm Collective

For more The Cool Calm Collective.

The Oceanics

For more Oceanics.

Bleeding Knees Club

For more Bleeding Knees Club.


For more Spandexhammer.

Hobo Obituaries (featuring US hip hop artist Atma)

For more Hobo Obituaries.

Black Panda

I’m always on the lookout for new music so bands please send me music!

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