Discovering Sydney-based musician Catcall this year has without a doubt been a musical highlight, the electro-pop goodness of Catherine Kelleher is bursting with personality and sincerity (not found in pop all that often these days! Ha!). This is the first in a series of posts that find me chatting about style and creativity with some of my favourite female musicians that I think are just way too ace not to share with you! You’ll find that all these lovey ladies are most importantly not afraid to be themselves and that they have fun with their wardrobe on and offstage. It’s not about what you wear necessarily but how you wear it!

What do you wear on stage?
I usually wear something put together by my stylist Natalya Mandelberg. She finds a lot of vintage clothes and accessories for me. She has an incredible eye. Depending on what the show is, we’ll wear something that fits the vibe. It always has a costume feel to it as well. I love the weird stuff she finds when she goes thrifting.

How important is your stage outfit to you?
It’s a pretty important way for me to get into character for the show, to kind of get into performance mode. I also think that it’s important visually for the show. I would always make sure I have some sort of fabulous outfit for a show.

Make-up-wise what’s your onstage must?
Black eyeliner and black mascara.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?
I love facial masks, my favourite brand is Elemental Herbology.

What are your offstage outfits like?
Very, very simple, casual and comfortable. I’m living in these new Claude Maus black jeans at the moment.

Who are your style icons?
For stage Grace Jones for sure but I also love Roisin Murphy’s style as well. In terms of day-to-day style I kind of love Sophia Coppola’s vibe, so simple, chilled out.

What do you do creatively when you’re not singing?
I write sketch comedy as a hobby, I got into it a couple of years ago and then went to study sketch and improv at Second City Chicago for a couple of weeks in 2010. Tina Fey and Billy Murray went to Second City.

What makes your musical style different?
I don’t know if there’s a real sonic point of difference, but I would say injecting my personality and experiences in everything is what makes this project mine and only mine.

Have you ever encountered sexism within the music community?
I haven’t really experienced anything on a professional level. Sometimes the internet brews with a bit of sexism, but the industry on a whole and the people who work and operate within it have always been respectful in my experience.

How do you deal with the haters?
Ignore them, and if you happen to catch something they say remind yourself why you’re here.

Tell me about your latest projects.
After finishing the record I am putting together a 5 piece live band that will hopefully debut in November this year. Besides that I’m just working on writing sketches here and there and considering doing a Masters in Human Rights. But the latter probably won’t happen if things get too busy.

Listen to (one of my favourite) Catcall’s track Swimming Pool:
Swimming Pool by CATCALL
For more Catcall. Look out for a brand new single super soon!

Is there anyone’s style you adore? Let me know!
Until next time!

*Photo 2 by Cybele Malinowski