A thought for your day:

When you come up with it [punk rock], it almost becomes a safety blanket. It becomes your identity. It’s what helped point you in the right direction. For me it was easy to move on because of, once again, my rebellious nature. All of a sudden punk rock became the father figure that was like, “No, you can’t listen to Vietnamese music because it’s not punk rock.” Punk rock means that you’re your own person, a complete individual, you think for yourself, but you’ve got to do it in these guidelines. You can’t do this, you can’t do that, and you can’t be seen at a Grateful Dead show [laughs], you can’t hang with the hippies.

I started getting just as angry as I did in my adolescence that first took me to punk rock. I still have that anger inside me and I still hated the idea of someone defining what individuality was to me. All of a sudden punk rock became the establishment. There’s always been ways of breaking free of that. I would find circles of other people that felt the same way. Then after a while those people would have their limitations and it keeps happening because that’s the way our spirits work. It’s how the world works, nature works. Everything is in cycles of revolution and we have to destroy the old in order to make way for the new. It’s as simple as the way our automobiles run—you burn that gas till its empty; that way you can fill it up again and you can move further.

~Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (taken from Conversations with Punx #1 ‘Truth’)

*Art by Kaileena Farah

Be brave & go where the energy is! Don’t sell yourself short by holding onto your security blanket! There’s so much more out there to explore!

Try something new… & have a beautiful day!

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