Dearest lovelies!

Exciting news!! I am a finalist for the first annual Golden Stapler (zine) Awards bought to you by Format Collective & the National Young Writers’ Festival here in Australia.

I am in the running for: Australian Zine Maker of the Year and Best Zine Produced in Australia, as a series, over the last 12 months for my baby, Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue.

Having made zines for the past 17 years it’s super lovely to be a finalist! It would mean the world to me if you head over to: The Golden Stapler Awards ( to vote. There’s four categories (I’m in two and three), the way voting is set up you have to vote in all four categories for your vote to count but don’t worry it only takes a couple of seconds (promise!) and all the zines are great. You can also vote multiple times if you feel so inclined! :) The winners will be announced at an award ceremony that will take place in Newcastle on October the 1st, as part of the National Young Writers Festival, which is also part of This Is Not Art festival.

Let’s make this happen! VOTE ONE Bianca Valentino & Conversations with Punx! Yay! Thank you in advance for voting.

Super-love & hugs,