It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been having a lot of in-depth chats with creative people for Collapse Board. Each person and conversation has been totally inspiring. The individuals I have chatted with are all self-taught, champion the DIY ethic and are doing very worthwhile things. Below you can find extracts and links to the full features.

I’ve really been enjoying contributing to Collapse Board, it’s one of my favourite places online for passionate music related interviews, reviews and dialogue—definitely worth your time to check out. I do not always agree with contributor’s opinions or views but it sure gets me thinking of music and music writing in different ways. I like being able to write for an online publication that allows me to contribute in-depth, definitive pieces that explores the lives of the folks I talk with, their philosophies, techniques and to delve into their most personal experiences. Now if only there was a print publication that gave me that chance my greatest wish would be fulfilled! I really do care about interviewing, really and truly. There is so much we can learn from others and their experiences.

Patty Schemel (former Hole drummer)


“…the way that Hole began, where my thoughts were, being a female punk rock drummer, that what Hole was talking about – or Courtney for that matter – was more about being feminist women that picked up instruments and played, that were fierce, strong and had a lot to say like “We’re gonna fuck shit up!” and “We’re going to change the way things are through music!” The result was [laughs] the end of the cycle was that Hole made a corporate record, guided by a group of men, an overbearing producer and did it in a cookie-cutter fashion that was contradictory and completely contradicted what Hole began as.”

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Nathan Howdeshell (The Gossip’s guitarist/owner of Fast Weapons record label/Art Throb)

“I woke up and had a hallucination of fire and werewolves and was throwing up. He called 911 and I went to the doctor. My mum came and met me there. The doctor told me I had concussion and that my brain was swelling and not to go to sleep ’cause “if you go to sleep you may not wake up”. That terrified me. I stayed up for five days straight because I never wanted to go to sleep because I thought I might die.”

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Designer Imposter (musician/Gunk zine creator)


“My favourite performer is Grace Jones. I would consider her like my musical mother basically, even though I’ve never met her. I saw her perform a couple of years ago and it was amazing. She was still very cutting edge and really inspiring, she was really captivating. She’s definitely one of my major influences performance-wise and music-wise. I love everything about her. I love that she pushes gender boundaries. She’s totally a feminist hero to me.”

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Celeste Potter (frontwoman for Ouch My Face/artist)

“I find writing an album very daunting just because I think you need to write music without thinking about where it is going and what’s going to become of it. When we first released our EP and that brought us to a lot of people’s attention, some people kind of got offered some stuff by people who meant something and they were just like ‘You have to make a record now! You have to make an album now! If you do anything else you’re just not going to be big enough, now is your chance.’ That was just completely paralyzing and I think it’s taken a long time for me to recover from that.”

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Joe Cardamone

(Icarus Line frontman/producer/Valley Recording Co./RoarScratch)


“I went to a lot of backyard shows because back then it was all backyard shows. You’d find someone’s house with a big backyard, set up bands and just go off! Since the neighbourhood was already shady the cops would let it go for a while and you’d see how many bands you could get to play before the cops showed up. Usually five or six bands could play because they were all punk, they were all fast and I think maybe the presence of the impending cops might have had something to do with why everyone played music so fast and why the songs were so short. It’s like you have to get up there, go nuts and then get off so someone else can play too.”

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Molly Neuman

(Bratmobile-Frumpies-PeeChees member/Riot Grrrl zine creator/business woman)

“Basically a number of years ago after many, many years of working in the music industry — 20-ish years — I was starting to think about my future and what laid ahead for me and where I would eventually end up with my career. In a ‘pie in the sky’ kind of way I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own place and your own restaurant. I was thinking more along the lines of a BnB (Bed and Breakfast), something small. I looked into things and a friend of mine had gone to a culinary school here in New York that’s called The Natural Gourmet Institute — it’s about cooking with natural ingredients, whole foods, it’s a mostly vegetarian program. It was expensive but I felt like maybe there was a way that I could pull it off. I went part-time and decided that it had awakened a lot of different kinds of emotions, especially about health, wellness, natural food and natural treatments — the connection between food and everything. or basically how disconnected people, especially Americans,are from their bodies and overall health in the long term, in the big picture. It really invigorated me in many ways.”

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Richard Russell (XL Recordings owner/producer)


“Music is what I believe in, in the way that some people have religion. There’s lots of other things that interest me, I love playing table tennis and I love reading but those things are not things I believe in, in a passionate way like music.”

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There’s also been a lot of super interesting and thoughtful dialogue happening at Collapse Board, especially in the comments of features: How To Be A Female Musician Starting Out and From the archives. Pitchfork. I’ve also really enjoyed post: Beyonce Is Not Your Enemy (I really loved her Glastonbury performance–I can’t believe she’s the first woman to headline in over 20 years!)

Illustrations by JR. Many more interviews in the pipeline also! Stay tuned.

I’ve missed you all lots!

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