US independent hip hop artist Sage Francis is interesting, entertaining and candid in our conversation for Brisbane’s Rave Magazine cover story—due out Tuesday October 12. We chatted about bad business deals, homemade greeting cards, magical ninjas, his reluctance to release music, and of his ‘religion’.

[Conversation extract]

You’re a DIY entrepreneur, what is the best business advice you have ever received?

SAGE FRANCIS: Always work with people you trust. If you don’t trust people, if you know something is up, or not quite right about them make sure you keep your distance. Don’t sign a contract that isn’t totally kosher because, you will get screwed in the end. There were instances when I went against my gut and it totally fucked me—I totally knew too! I could almost see the future while I was involved with the signing or working with somebody. Sometimes you want to fool yourself that this is an opportunity and that you should take it. That’s not always the case. You have to be very careful of who you work with.

To find out what Francis will be doing next year? pick up next week’s Rave. It will also be online from Oct 12 @:

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