I’ve written for Brisbane’s Rave Magazine over the past 13-14 years. In that time I have engaged in hundreds of conversations with well-known bands such as No Doubt and Blink-182 to local bands just starting out. What I do means the world to me. I have a series of posts I’ve been putting together passionately about my craft, the craft of interviewing. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I dislike most music writing. I find it boring, uninspiring, uninforming and just plain lame especially where interviews are concerned. I will be sharing my thoughts (with example and supporting quotes from many I’ve interviewed) in coming posts.

To support the release of Conversations With Punx my Rave family featured me in their pages and online. Interview by Alasdair Duncan.

[Interview extract]

AD: You’ve said that the project made you realise a few things about yourself – what were those?

BV: I’ve realised that I’m a really strong person. I’ve been through so much in the last six years – I’ve been through a lot of personal things, and that was interwoven with the project. I found that when I was interviewing people, I’d ask their advice in a sort of a general way about something I was going through. I ended up getting advice from Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins about things that were going on in my life. There was in interview I did with Duane Peters, who was talking about his ten years of heroin addiction, and I had a friend who was going through a similar thing at the time who really respected Duane and considered him to be one of his heroes. I thought, well, I’m going to talk to Duane about this, and about how he beat it, because I know my friend will probably listen. A lot of my writing and what I do is centred about helping other people.

To read the feature online go here.

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