“We’ve found our own little niche and we’re pretty happy to remain in it. We do what we do and we’re friends with who we’re friends with. It’s a simple process; it’s not something to dwell on unless you’re a band like Wolfmother or Jet—who need to find their fucking inner chi!” ~Joel Birch, Amity vocalist

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Notes: The Amity Affliction are from my hometown of Brisbane. They’ve been touring the country playing sold out shows in support of their latest album YoungBloods. The guy’s spent a month or so in New York/New Jersey recording with producer The Machine. Amity are another band I saw play in the NCHC/Club Sabotage days. Trad their keyboardist booked the shows at the club and the members of the band played in other hc bands at the club. Trad’s always been a super stand-up dude and active in the Australian hardcore scene. It’s nice to see people that have such a love, dedication and passion for what they do ruling it!

Love & sparkles,