Hollie & the crew at RENEGADES EMPIRE—an independent Australian punk publication—were kind enough to feature me chatting about Conversations With Punx. The issue also features The Ramshackle Army, Manic Pistoleros, The Meaniacs, This Is Not Ok and more. It’s super rad there’s a lot of positive energy, time and effort going into punk publications in Australia right now.

[Interview extract]

RENEGADES EMPIRE: How did you come up with the idea to undertake a project like this?

BIANCA: It was a very organic thing. There are many layers to the story of how I came to undertake Conversations With Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue. Scratching the surface, I have been involved in the punk and hardcore community since fifteen in various capacities—making zines, documenting the community, making music, putting on shows, manning merch tables, running a mail order etc—and it’s something that has been a huge positive, empowering, motivating force in my life. When I took an active interest in spirituality in my early 20s, I chose to explore spirituality in the environment that was most familiar to me—my home—the punk world. The interview work I do and the conversations I have help me to make sense of my own life and the world. I’ve spent my whole life learning from the connections I’ve made with creative folk and their lyrics/words/art…

To read the entire feature please pick up a copy of Renegades Empire.

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